California Gov. Jerry Brown recently said in a CBS report that the state is looking at what could be the “worst wildfire season ever.” Dozens of homes already have burned to the ground near San Diego, and he doubts even the $600 million already set aside will be enough.

But one man who lost his home to the flames put things in perspective in an interview with KSWB-TV, the Fox affiliate in San Diego.

“I’m handling this OK, because the last five years under Obama has been worse than this,” said a man identified as HUSTASA.

He’s a well-known conservative activist in San Diego County who has been known to join in an occasional protest with an “Arrest Holder/Obama” sign.

The recent CBS report said the San Diego fires already have caused some $20 million in damage.

Fires spanning 39 square miles “chewed a destructive path through San Diego County, destroying at least 47 houses, an 18-unit apartment complex and three businesses,” the report said.

There has been at least one fatality from the fires.

The man who lost his home was described as a construction worker who has been out of work for years “because the construction industry in California has been taken over by Obama-protected illegal workers.”

“Having lost his home, [he] puts that in perspective with other disasters that the Obama regime has wrought on him,” the report said.

In the interview, the man wore a T-shirt with the slogan “I didn’t vote for the Obamanator.”

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