The Washington, D.C., media circus starring the nation’s up-and-coming political stars in Congress (and let’s not forget the producers and directors in the executive branch) have now distinguished themselves at the same level as the Roman Circus, where Christians were thrown to the lions for public entertainment.

This time it wasn’t the Christians who provided the spectacle. It was wounded veterans who died in pain while trapped in an immense bureaucracy that no longer knows or cares why it exists and serves no one but itself. They died because mouse clicks are now more valuable in the D.C. Circus than dying veterans and their families.

In a just world, VA officials from the top executioner on down to the clerks who hid or did worse to the suffering veterans unable to escape the bottom rungs of the waiting list would already be jailed on murder charges and awaiting trial for their actions, which brought about the deaths of these men and women who pleaded for care.

According to this Washington Times editorial, the VA’s “leadership team” was more concerned with their “green agenda” than with the blood of dying veterans in their care.

This is the end result of the political left’s “health care” for veterans, and when Obamacare is nationalized it will be the end result of health care delivered by the compassionate statists for all of us, except for the politically and financially favored.

This is always the dark side of totalitarianism. The political left in America is more concerned with what we think, followed by what we say, than with what we actually do. “Oh! He said a bad word when he murdered all those people!” (Just imagine where the VA chief would be if he supported the Redskins!) The resultant deaths are almost irrelevant to the investigation. The penalty for letting the clock run out on the men and women wounded protecting this country is now 15 minutes of media fame as you testify before Congress.

This is not justice. It is a media circus starring criminals who need to be held accountable for the results their actions produced. That would be the death of patients seeking medical care from their agency. More money shoveled into the VA to spend on the left’s political agenda within the agency is not the answer. More accountability for end results is the answer. Anything less is the mark of congressional acquiescence to the left’s agenda of bureaucratic enslavement for all Americans.

“Book ’em, Danno.”

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