May they live happily ever after!

How many ways can a lover propose marriage to his beloved? Well, there’s the traditional presentation on bended knee of a ring in a velvet box; or a diamond ring “hidden” atop a dessert confection at the conclusion of a romantic candlelight dinner; or, if you want to get really creative, there’s this:

Romantic guy writes and illustrates a children’s book about him proposing. He brings girlfriend to the local library, where she finds the book and he asks her read it out loud. As girlfriend gets to the part where the gorilla asks giraffe to marry him, romantic guy kneels and pops the question. Hidden photographer captures the moment, creating real life photos that correspond to the book’s illustrations.

Fiance Paul Phillips of North Carolina explained, “Erika had no idea the book was written for her. I asked her to read it out loud to me, but the pictures are what gave it all away. When she really began to notice was when I got on one knee.

“I said, ‘Keep reading,'” he continued. “I think she was in shock, but when she got through the first two lines, I took over, on one knee, and finished the last two lines. I have never felt that type of joy in my life, hearing the word ‘yes’ will play through my head for years to come.”

“We plan on printing little copies of the book to give out as wedding gifts. We want to use a giraffe and gorilla on the top of the cake.

“I wanted to wear a gorilla suit, but she turned that idea down pretty quickly.”

Danger! Danger!

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Bill Whittle here. Conservative blogger, political commentator, director, screenwriter, editor, pilot and author, Whittle’s insights, observations and commentary about our culture and times are arguably as incisive as those of the late Will Rogers and among the best I’ve found.

To recap, last August I wrote:

For insightful political commentary, the ascendancy of Bill Whittle who hosts a weekly video commentary titled “Afterburner” for, is remarkable to witness. He is among, if not the best.

Increasingly sought by top conservative organizations to speak at their events, Whittle, a pilot, author, screenwriter, editor and director, points out in logical, rapid-fire bursts, the absurdities and fallacies of our political system and social problems. His video commentary about the Trayvon/Zimmerman case titled “The Lynching” attracted close to two million views, and his “Virtual President” vids are among his most popular. Watch this soft-spoken pilot kick in the “afterburners” and punch through the firewall. He’s going places.

In his latest video commentary “Firewall,” Whittle points to the TV classic “Lost in Space” to draw a contrast between manhood then and now.

“In the 40 years since ‘Lost in Space’ first lit up my imagination, a lot has changed in America. Especially the way we view the family and especially the way we view fathers and sons,” Whittle begins as he takes you through those differences: Fathers and sons, heroes and cowards.

As one viewer observed, “Your comment on the difference between intellectualism and intelligence is about the greatest and most profound thing I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Viewing this week’s “Firewall” is well worth six minutes of your time:


If you’re looking for a good laugh, this is it! Meet the Barkleys, Subaru automaker’s advertising canines. See what gets the Barkleys barking on the road. In the doghouse (heh…). Teenagers. The turn signal. Follow the Barkleys as they pull over for roadside refreshments.

Watch more canine hijinks here.

More funnies

Now that I’ve tickled your funny bone, here are a few side-splitters from a series of photos proving that some parents have a beyond hilarious sense of humor.

Kitchen tips

For all the chefs out there who find joy in cooking, here’s a page featuring a myriad of practical kitchen and food tips that you’ll want to print and keep handy. From suggestions on stacking your fridge to kitchen blenders and their history, these 22 useful cooking infographics from around the web are keepers. Once you’ve looked them over, I think you’ll agree that practically everything culinary fact you need to know is here to get your kicks in the kitchen.
Hail to the tweet

But for gum-chewing, he looks pretty presidential – so tweeted one observer when it was noted that President Obama was chomping away on a wad of gum during D-Day memorial ceremonies. Twitter aggregators at Twitchy who keep a watchful eye for trends noticed:

“President Obama was to be on his best behavior at the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy today. He almost passed muster, but was that a big wad of gum in his mouth during the solemn ceremony? Twitter seemed to think so.”

Mon dieu! It seems the President managed to offend many of the French as well.

“#DDay Peu élégante, l’attitude de M #Obama mâchant ostensiblement son chewing gum en pleine cérémonie,” ​ ​écrit ​(wrote) ​Thierry LeBras.

Certainement, mes amis. Certainement. Ici aux Etats-Unis, nous pensons la même chose.

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