John Diehl, Dave Blamy and Jason Burkey of "A Long Way Off"

The faith-based film “A Long Way Off” opens in theaters nationwide Friday, June 6, just in time for Father’s Day.

As WND has reported, “A Long Way Off” is a modern-day depiction of Jesus’ parable about the prodigal, the story of a wayward son who betrays his family, leaves home, squanders his inheritance and yet discovers in the end the forgiveness and unconditional love of his father.

The filmmakers recognize how very real and personal this parable is for many families with prodigal sons and daughters of their own, evidenced by the movie’s tagline, “We all know one, have been one, or are waiting for one to come home.”

A sneak peek of the son’s painful farewell scene can be seen below:

There’s no question Christian audiences watching “A Long Way Off” will recognize the familiar key elements of Jesus’ parable, but that doesn’t mean the movie is inherently religious or “preachy.”

“I’ve always been drawn to that story because it’s universal,” Producer and Director Michael Davis told the Raleigh News & Observer, “and stories that are universal can appeal to many different people on many different levels.”

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“We made ‘A Long Way Off’ to bring to remembrance the oft-forgotten fathers,” Executive Producer Gerald McGlothlin told WND. “In a lost world that sometimes puts youth on a pedestal, we must not forget that behind millions of successful young men and women is a loving father. It is our hope that by watching this movie, many estranged sons and daughters will do as our lead character ultimately does: return home to reconcile with both their earthly and heavenly Father.”

And according to McGlothlin, the film’s release right before Father’s Day is particularly poignant.

“There have been countless studies that show having a loving father in a home provides children with far better shot at succeeding in life,” McGlothlin told WND. “Overflowing prisons attest to the sad state of growing up without a father or being estranged from a father.

“We are releasing our film shortly before Father’s Day with the hope that many will return home to their fathers,” he continued, “We hope many sons and daughters take their fathers to see this film. We hope many fathers take their sons and daughters to see ‘A Long Way Off.'”

See a trailer for the film below:

The film’s cast includes, among others, Robert Davi (from “Goonies,” “Die Hard” and James Bond’s “License to Kill”), Edie McClurg (known from “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”) and two actors from the hit Christian film “Courageous,” Robert Amaya and Rusty Martin, and stars Jason Burkey from the film “October Baby.”

Fox News Channel and syndicated radio host Sean Hannity, who also makes a brief appearance in the film, testifies, “We need great faith and family films like ‘A Long Way Off.'”

As WND has reported, the film is among this year’s crop of Christian movies helping to launch hit songs on the radio and even features a brief appearance by WND and one of WND’s news editors.

Interested audiences can learn more through and find a theater playing the film by clicking here.

Check out this impressive collection of movies – including “The Passion of the Christ,” “The Blind Side” and more – available in WND’s own store.

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