Presidents make recess appointments usually in the hundreds over their term. President Obama is special. He has made 32, less than 20 percent of his predecessors.

The Senate Republicans found a way to obstruct those appointments as they decide never to recess. One senator claps the gavel each day once to open and seconds later, once to close. Thus the Senate  remains in session perpetually.

As an American, I choose candidates by their quality – not their color. I choose them by their competence – not their color. I choose them by their intelligence – not their color. These past six years have shown the worst of us. Elected office at the highest level needs a sign: BLACKS NEED NOT APPLY.

As for the financial and security losses of our nation, we have elected officials that clearly and consistently block or disrupt government function because we have a black president. What if the other party decided that a Republican who is elected president is too stupid or bigoted or just doesn’t look right to hold that office?

That appears to describe the current field of Republican candidates. How would we as a country function? The answer is clear, it wouldn’t.

We need term limits now and a reversal of all gerrymandered districts to squares on a state box.

We must allow all of our citizens to vote. We must shine a light on those contributors to campaigns for public office so we have open and clear choices. That will be good for our citizens and good for our democracy.

Norm Stewart

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