No doubt, the massacre in Isla Vista, near Santa Barbara, was a win-win for a whole variety of liberals.

Think of it. Guns, knives and cars! Seven dead, 12 injured.

Young innocents mowed down in the prime of life.

For the gun grabbers, it was a gun massacre, the spray shooting of people on the street in a college town. Another instance of an out-of-control gun nut who decided to kill innocent people for a crazed infraction of his personal morality, using weapons that have no place in our society.

For the knife grabbers, it was the same. In this case, the killer apparently slaughtered three young men in his apartment before he went on the gun rampage. But, keep in mind, there are those who would try to outlaw knives, too.

Remember, after guns were off limits for self-protection in the U.K., the number of knife crimes soared. Then people wanted to outlaw knives. But don’t let facts get in the way of common sense.

And then, of course, we have cars.

This mentally deranged product of our permissive society not only used guns to kill and used knives to kill, he also used his fancy car to wipe out other innocent lives.

Just run ’em down.

For those who would love to have us eliminate cars from our lifestyle entirely because of environmental damage, this was a crime made to order.

After all, if he hadn’t had a car, he couldn’t have killed and injured those he ran down.

So let’s see. Get rid of guns, knives and cars and the world is a safe and lovely place.

Except for the very real fact that the world is inhabited by people with all kinds of problems, not the least of which are mental issues that we simply don’t know how to define, identify, treat, control or cure.

So do we call this person a crazy gun or knife or car killer?

No, we call him the “virgin killer.”

Oh that’s right, it’s all about sex.

Isn’t everything today about sex?

For a society that’s become so open to all normal and perverted sex acts, it seems we’ve created more problems than we were told such openness would prevent or cure.

Twenty-two-year-old Elliot Rodger clearly had problems, actually many problems, if all indications are accurate.

He’d been in therapy since childhood for thus far undescribed conditions.

He’d been prescribed varied psychotropic medications, those also unspecified.

We don’t know the type of counseling he had and was undergoing or whether he was taking medications at the time of the massacre.

And yet, he was a free man – 22 years old, with all the accoutrements that a well-to-do family can provide.

Overall descriptions of him were that he was a loner, was very shy and had no social life, especially with girls.

That – and he was angry, very angry, and it showed clearly in the videos he posted online and in his writings. He used the language well and was quite clear in placing blame for his perceived rejection by the rest of the world, especially young women.

He wanted the free and easy sex he saw all around him and felt women rejected him for other men, so he hated the men as well.

But none of this was new to his family or the people who knew him.

The hue and cry now is, why didn’t someone do something.

It’s a nice thought, but anyone who has someone in their family with clear mental problems – whether natural or caused by substance abuse – knows full well that virtually nothing can be done to help them unless they agree to be helped.

Once a person is 18, they’re considered an adult and cannot be forced into treatment unless they are a clear danger to themselves or others.

In this case, while therapists worked with him, they thought he was a danger to no one.

His parents had called police to check on him in the past when they were concerned, but the officers said they found him perfectly polite and kind and had no history of guns.

Apparently there were guns in his apartment and, after the crime, media screamed that if the police had found them, he would have been arrested.

For what? Owning a gun is not illegal. He’d purchased them legally and had made no threats to anyone at that time.

Until the parents and a therapist saw the threat-filled video he made and called authorities. But it was too late. By the time police arrived, the massacre had taken place and, after a short police chase, Rodger killed himself.


At least taxpayers won’t have to pay for a trial, treatment and unlimited incarceration – capital punishment being what it is in California.

Because of the mix of weapons and perhaps because his family is well-to-do and connected to the movie business and because it appears that sexual frustration was a motivating factor for the rampage, regardless of his other demons, the story dropped from the headlines.

All that’s left are blurbs of sympathy for his divorced parents and a stealth move for more restrictions on gun sales.

What we really need are ways for families to get help for people with mental problems without waiting until it’s too late.

It’s a problem millions face and politicians don’t have the courage to address.

We live, and die, with the consequences.

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