By K. Daniel Glover

Alfonzo Rachel was just a musician and martial arts enthusiast with a point of view looking to join the world of online video makers when he took to YouTube in 2008. Now he’s a leading voice among black conservatives and the creative genius behind a popular online show that bears his own brand, “ZoNation.”

“I wasn’t thinking about a career as a pundit or anything,” Zo recently said in a PJTV profile when reflecting on his five years with the online TV network. “I just wanted to share my observations with people.”

Zo’s big break came when he and one of his martial arts students dreamed up a video skit during the 2008 election. Zo played himself as a diehard conservative locked in “Star Wars”-style battle with then-candidate Barack Obama as “The Vote Reaper.”

“You’ll have to pry my vote from my cold, dead hands, baby!” Zo exclaimed in his video.

Looking back on the satire now, a more experienced Zo sees it as a poorly produced “novice video.” But it got him noticed by actor Gary Sinise and conservative journalists Bill Whittle and the late Andrew Breitbart, and the attention opened a door to PJTV. Zo has been entertaining PJTV viewers with his high-energy, sharp-wit commentary ever since.

As a black conservative, he’s passionate about race and the political games that both shameless, white liberals and radical, black Afrocentrics play with it. “What white, liberal Democrats fear the most is black, conservative Republicans,” Zo said in a popular video about “Runaway Slave,” a documentary about black Republicans.

He also verbally tore into Touré when the MSNBC talking head mocked black conservatives as tools of the GOP. Zo said the opposite actually is true, comparing Touré to a slave who snitches to a slavemaster about another slave trying to escape so he can find favor in the slavemaster’s eyes.

“Touré is blinded by his own pomposity,” Zo said. “He’s just a well-spoken sucker.”

But Zo doesn’t limit his everyman analysis to race. With the perspective of a free-market conservative, he picks apart the flawed logic of big government as it relates to Obamacare and other hot topics.

Zo also tackles hot-button cultural issues like gay marriage and feminism, takes on journalists for letting their liberal leanings shape coverage, and blasts celebrities like David Letterman for playing the hypocrite by having double standards for conservatives and liberals.

And Zo does it all with entertaining flair.

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