Can’t blame this one on Bush, although Obama and his henchmen will try.

The insanity at the border is a result of the intentional actions of Barack Obama and the consequences of what he intentionally hasn’t done.

Thousands and thousands of children are flooding across our border from Mexico. They’re coming in illegally, without identification or documentation. They range in age from infants to twenties. Some are females with children, but there are also infants without adults. Some are innocents, some gang members.

Many are infected with diseases that threaten their health, the health of border agents and, if the diseases spread, the health of the public at large.

Leprosy anyone? How about tuberculosis or Chagas or scabies or you name it? There are no health checks.

It’s an unimagined catastrophe, and the only people speaking negatively about it are those who believe that “illegal” means illegal and that this situation is no accident.

I’m one of those, and I just about fell over when I read that Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke out that he thinks the chaos of illegal alien children being dumped in Arizona was deliberate punishment against the state, direct from Washington.

That’s just what I speculated just the week before in my WND column.

Sheriff Joe and I agree!

I like Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and the people in his county like him, too. He’s been re-elected six times and plans a seventh run.

I’ve interviewed him many times. He’s smart, feisty, law abiding and knows right from wrong.

We agree on the illegal-alien problem.

Sheriff Joe is outspoken on this. Needless to say, in today’s “pro-immigration” climate, that’s gained him many enemies.

But it hasn’t stopped him.

He and I agree it was too coincidental that thousands of illegal kids are flown and bused by the feds into Phoenix, Tucson and other Arizona towns and cities and just left there.

We agree the current chaos in Arizona is intentional on the part of the feds and stems from Arizona’s SB 1070.

Remember that?

Arizona was hit hard by the regular influx of illegals across the border from Mexico, and the feds refused to do anything substantial to stop it.

Most illegals come from Mexico but also from Central and South America, the Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and China. Many are actively involved in drug-running and human trafficking.

The illegals overcrowded the schools, the hospitals, the welfare system, the courts and the jails.

Desperate, Arizona passed the law to enable law enforcement to do what the feds wouldn’t.

Then, all Hades broke loose!

The feds, from Obama on down, as well as every pro-immigrant group and even churches, were furious.

Arizonans were called every name in the book, starting, of course, with “racist.”

They were raked over the coals publically and legally for their effort to rectify the deliberate dereliction of duty of the federal government to protect border sovereignty and the responsibility of states to protect their citizens and property.

So while Obama diddled about border security, he created the impression that if illegals got here, they could stay.

He allowed the news to report that deportations has increased – they hadn’t – while at the same time promising that those here would be welcome, including those brought here as children by “illegal” parents.

All this, while refusing to address the real problem of people who want to immigrate legally and find it’s terrifically expensive and takes years, often decades.

It’s pervasive while the media continue to project the image that all immigration is the same.

Big business promotes the idea we need more immigrants as workers, even though our unemployment rate is the highest it’s been in decades

No one asks why we need to import poor people, who are uneducated, often illiterate and unskilled, unless the real goal is to create a cohort of low-pay workers.

And now we have the flood of children.

Most are from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. We’re told they’re coming because their countries are dangerous and poor.

Should our borders be open to all the poor of the world?

This human tidal wave overwhelmed facilities and law enforcement in Texas so the feds move them out: first to Arizona, then to virtually every state across the country.

They’re housed in military bases, churches, empty warehouses and whatever else can accommodate them.

The feds pay for this now, but the real impact on society and our fiscal situation is almost beyond calculation.

A report last week from Florida showed school districts panicked over how to handle the influx – and that’s just one location.

It’s hard to imagine the costs to communities across the country, bills to be paid by local taxpayers.

Any media coverage is to crank up sympathy for the illegals. One big story was that they were housed in warehouses covered with “aluminum foil.”


Those foil blankets are standard, insulated, camping blankets for cold nights.

Central American officials try to guilt us, saying we have to honor the “human rights” of the children and the Catholic Church, among others, jumped on that bandwagon.

Give me a break.

That they have a roof over their heads, food, clothing and sanitation is proof Americans have compassion.

But we shouldn’t have compassion for parents who send their kids thousands of miles across country borders, often accompanied by drug dealers.

There’s no justification for Mexico allowing this illegal travel through its country.

More importantly, there’s no justification for Barack Obama to allow this to continue.

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