Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is feeling the wrath of Barack Obama. Remember in 2012 when the governor boldly took a stance against illegal immigrants crossing into Arizona and confronted the president about mischaracterization of her book and also concerns about securing the Arizona border? The image of Brewer squaring off face-to-face with Obama on the tarmac has been recorded as one of the boldest acts of the governor.

That, of course, didn’t sit well with Obama. And it just so happens that now thousands of Central American illegal immigrants have been flown and bussed from Texas into Phoenix by Department of Homeland Security in what I deem to be an act of retribution against Gov. Brewer for publicly setting Obama straight. Some immigrants have been sent to New York and Maryland, but there’s no mistaking Obama’s message to Brewer: Border control THIS.

Naturally, there is the administration’s side of the story, namely the inability of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to process the multitudes of these illegals, some of which are children and teenagers without any documentation at all. In other words, ICE can’t do its job in Texas. Evidently, the solution is to pass the buck – or in this case, illegals – to Arizona. Problem solved!

At taxpayers’ expense, immigrants were dropped off at the Phoenix Greyhound bus station. ICE provided water and food, and the immigrants were allowed to use the station’s phones to arrange travel and accommodations and stay overnight at the station if necessary. I suppose that after they’ve cleaned up nicely they will eagerly follow protocol and report to ICE within the allotted time of 15 days.

Should Gov. Brewer just breathe easy and blindly trust that droves of illegal immigrants will gather their documents and promptly report to ICE within the allotted time so they can be “processed”? What does that even mean? Processed to begin deportation? Processed to remain in Arizona? Processed to receive government subsidies and free education? What’s the process?

Hundreds of kids are also arriving on a daily basis – indefinitely – taking shelter at the Border Patrol station in Nogales. A top priority is to improve living and sanitation conditions and provide medical services and make the way station as comfortable as possible. Food service has been improved upon, and 2,000 mattresses have been ordered. Counselors are on hand. State and federal agencies ranging from the Nogales Police Department to FEMA to CBP are entrenched in this act of deliberate retribution. ICE has gone from “Immigration Customs Enforcement” to “Immigrant Comfort Enterprise.” There is no end game in sight, no solid plan of action to stop the influx. Rather, three days after arriving, kids will be sent to military bases in Oklahoma, Texas and California to process their custody situation. Then what?

This situation is out of control. Immigration reform and border security in Arizona has been spun to hinge on what Obama touts as an “urgent humanitarian crisis.” Mothers and children sweltering in the brutal Arizona heat at a Greyhound bus station and unaccompanied children undergoing “processing” invoke sympathy, and while we are a compassionate nation, we are also a nation of laws.

Obama plays low-down politics. He isn’t presidential enough to take on the issue of illegal immigration and border security lest he offend amnesty proponents. (Is he even presidential notwithstanding?) Instead, he takes offense at Gov. Brewer’s boldness to stand up to him and then retaliates by flooding Arizona with immigrants. Truth is he has no intention of securing our borders and protecting American citizens; that’s nowhere in his thinking. Furthermore, this administration thrives on creating crises of mammoth proportions and leaving taxpaying, law-abiding Americans to deal with the aftermath. Of a certainty with all things Obama, this predicament is part of a larger scheme, particularly as it relates to immigration reform and amnesty in future elections.

The mass transfer of illegal immigrants to Arizona has opened the floodgates for amnesty supporters nationwide. Once again, it’s the people versus Obama, the law versus the illegals. Obama has coyly stuck it to Gov. Brewer and played the humanitarian card while once again disrespecting our laws and further jeopardizing American safety.

And in this situation, that’s what is truly inhumane.

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