(ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT) — When the students of Sabino High School opened up their new yearbooks they were surprised to find little patches of black and yellow duct-type tape scattered across the pages. According to sources, the censors in Sabino’s administration must have scrambled to cover the ten “offensive” comments offered by mostly seniors with tape in time for graduation day.

As a result of the timely taping, students did not get a chance to pass their yearbooks around to their friends to collect signatures and more memories. Only after students had been dispersed like dandelion seeds in the summer breeze, did they discover that the $75 they spent on their timeless treasure included tape that would tear their tome if removed.

Once removed, it was difficult for recipients to ascertain what standards were employed by censors to determine which comments were unfit for high school students’ consumption. In a District which is determined to do as much as possible to divide children by race, it came as no surprise that the school’s administration would have covered a comment left by a Latina student which read, “Every Mexican needs a white best friend.” Her best friend’s comment could not be seen under the black tape that was stuck over it, but only can only imagine what it read.

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