Sometimes the answer is irrelevant. Sometimes the right question clears everything up. That’s what just happened to me when I found the calm and focus to ask myself, “Why would Susan Rice make the same cosmic blunder twice?” How could a person of ordinary intelligence, much less the high academic honors of Susan Rice, get her reputation trashed and her career short-shrifted by so willingly peddling lies on Sunday morning talk shows about the Benghazi attacks, and then doing the identical thing such a short time later by looking into the camera and declaring that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had served America with “honor and distinction”? The question itself felt like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine that paid off in insight, not cash. I can still hear the late-breaking coins of insight tinkling all over the casino floor.

We know that our present rulers are elitists. That doesn’t explain Susan Rice’s second attempt to jam an administration narrative down our throats. The answer, as I interpret it, is that Susan Rice and other overlords are sincere elitists! Sincerity is no excuse for stupidity. Nor is it an excuse for evil. But these aren’t grubbing, grabbing opportunists who exploited an opportunity to seize power and did so knowing deep down they couldn’t measure up. No, these are people who feel fully empowered, as in the days of the “Divine Right of Kings,” to tell us what the deal is – and, please, no backtalk! Put Susan Rice under deep hypnosis or sodium pentothal, and I’m sure she’d confirm her attitude is something like, “I am the government speaking. Hear me and heed me!” In her heart I don’t think Susan Rice would call her Benghazi and Sgt. Bergdahl whoppers “lies.” I suspect she views them as management tools. Who expects truth from that crowd anyhow?

Sharks don’t realize they’re worth making movies about. They’re just having lunch.

Remember that old Goodson-Todman TV show, “To Tell the Truth”? The celebrity panelists would fire questions at a trio, one of whom was who he claimed to be, while the other two were impostors whose job was to lie so effectively the celebrities would vote for one of them as the “real” one. I was an impostor on that show, lying to make the celebrities think I was really Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Air Force consultant on UFOs! I got paid for lying, and I was congratulated because I lied so well I got one of the celebs, Tom Poston, to vote for me!

I suspect Susan Rice is no more ashamed of her “lying” than I am of mine. I think Susan inwardly views her role as lying for her country, or at least for her boss. And, again, those aren’t “lies.” I suspect she views herself as an artful spin-weaver of narratives that can “save us all.” Are those narratives true? Well, sometimes. Somewhat. The important thing is that those narratives are pabulum for the illiterate masses. And the more illiterate the masses, the more easily that kind of pabulum goes down.

The point is, a sincere elitist would feel what she’s doing has to be done. And whosoever asks her unkind questions is a bad guy ranging somewhere between a domestic terrorist and a piece of equipment like a defective BlackBerry that sabotages our worthy national effort.

Susan Rice is not deliberately letting any cat out of any bag. It’s just that energetic arrogance like hers makes the bag go Poof! and there’s nothing left but the cat, stretching, yawning and biting.

Susan’s Benghazi blunder showed all the elements were present here for that kind of disaster. Her Sgt. Bergdahl repeat demands analysis. I wind up believing she feels “I did exactly what governments around the world are supposed to do. And why can’t America be more like some of those of those other countries who know how to control their troublemakers?”

Barack Obama becomes harder and harder to unpuzzle. Susan Rice becomes easier and easier. It’s not that she’s such a masterful puppet. It’s that she genuinely believes her puppet-master has the right idea.

Communism’s early ambition was to breed the “New Soviet Man,” a Soviet subject who would believe the agitprop gang when they proudly told him the capitalists don’t own the factories any more. “The people – You – own those factories!” insisted the agitpropers.

The funny thing is, Communism could never find one single Russian worker who felt as if he really owned the factory!

Karl Marx stirringly said, “Workers of the world, unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”

To those laboring under the insulting Sunday morning lies of Susan Rice, may I stirringly suggest, “The great are great only because we are on our knees. Let us rise!”

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