It doesn’t matter the rhetoric from Washington bureaucrats or the mouths of Democrat and Republican politicians on every level, from the feds on down. The reality is this country is being invaded.

The invasion by hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens can’t be denied.

One look at the hoards piling up at border crossings, airports and bus stations speaks to the reality.

Most cross in Texas, and the feds move them into Arizona and elsewhere.

They’re not people who dared to cross the dangerous territory of Mexico to find freedom in the United States. This is a carefully planned and coordinated invasion by, we are told, children.

Who are they kidding? Children have no concept of “freedom.”

How do thousands of “unaccompanied minors” travel alone, across thousands of miles of desolate deserts and mountains?

This is no accident, nor a fluke. It’s too coordinated and too planned and smacks of an ulterior motive with a very dark side.

It wouldn’t surprise me, if the dumping of these illegals in Arizona is an administration “gotcha” at Arizona for having tried to control the “normal” illegal problem it faces on a daily basis.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is furious she was never asked or notified this would happen to her state. She’s written to Washington but gotten no reply, apology or explanation.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne says the arbitrary dropping of undocumented individuals has no basis in law and he threatens to sue the feds.

It’s called a flood of “unaccompanied children.”


OK, everyone is someone’s child, no matter how old they are.

But when I hear “children,” I think of little people – under, say, 10 years old.

Have you seen the pictures of most of these people?

Yes, there are some little ones, but there were more in their teens and twenties, hulking guys with tattoos and muscles.

If they’re just children, why are there repeated reports of rampant sexual activity among these illegals?

Sounds pretty precocious for “children,” if you ask me.

Why does a $350-million grant opportunity from the feds require that anyone providing residential care for them needs to provide the “illegal children” with complete family planning services that are “sensitive to sexual orientation and gender identity”?

Children, my foot.

When I hear these invaders are children who come here to be reunited with their parents, my stomach turns.

If their parents are already here, and the kids were left back home, it means their parents are already here illegally.


Now we’ll have more complete families of illegals for the American taxpayer to feed, house, medicate, clothe, educate and heaven knows what else, until they’re not “children” anymore.

What age is that?

Reports are the majority of these illegals are from Central America, which means they traveled from their home country, across several borders into Mexico and then through Mexico all the way north, to the U.S. border.

Remember, Mexico traditionally posts military along its southern border and illegals are arrested, jailed and deported.

So Mexico doesn’t take illegal aliens to its country lightly but clearly has no compunction about being an accessory to the crime of crossing into the United States illegally.

Without doubt, Mexico is allowing and encouraging this massive invasion into the United States.

Some “good” neighbor!

I haven’t heard one person in authority in this country, Democrat or Republican, raise that issue and aim to do something about it.

John Kerry was just in Mexico for some high-power meetings. Did he bring up this issue and demand that this massive lawbreaking stop?

He hasn’t said.

None of this would be happening if we had a president who took seriously his oath of office to uphold the Constitution and to protect the sovereignty of this country.

Barack Obama is in that office and says nothing, but wants money for the care of the illegals while his Justice Department aims to provide them with lawyers to defend their “human rights.”

Obama’s done nothing to secure the border and his “dreamers” plan spreads the notion that once you’re here illegally, you can stay. Indeed, newspapers in Central America tout that, which encourages more lawbreaking.

Rather than stopping the crossings, Obama’s bureaucrats are flying and busing these illegals from the border crossings to varied cities across the country.

Bus ’em in; drop ’em off.

Facilities that can handle an influx of people like this are scarce, and those that are available are at capacity.

Now, because there are so many of these illegals, hundreds are being taken to military bases in a variety of states, further and further from the border.

Feeding them is a problem, as is providing some semblance of sanitation.

There are also the issues of health and disease. There’s virtually no opportunity for health checks of these people, and already there are reports of scabies and contagious diseases.

What people don’t realize is that virtually all the illegals will be released into the general population. That’s the plan. What happens then?

No one knows, and no one has the courage to venture a guess, but it won’t be good.

It’s virtually a sure bet they’ll not be deported. Remember those Justice Department lawyers.

On top of that, we’re told their home countries don’t want them, and neither does Mexico.

So Uncle Sap is left holding the bag.

But Barack Obama keeps politicking.

He was in Northern California in May for Democrat fundraisers and has plans for another, in July, with Nancy Pelosi.

Just $32,400 gets you dinner for two and a photo with the president.

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