South Carolina’s Sen. Lindsay Graham served as a House of Representatives prosecutor during former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial. That is among reasons why his June 5 warning, that Republican lawmakers will call for President Obama’s impeachment if he releases any more prisoners from Guantanamo Bay without congressional approval, is a warning to be taken very seriously.

That report in The Hill was headlined “Graham Warns of Impeachment Push over Gitmo.”

Even if Obama does not pardon any more terrorists, his incredible release of five of Guantanamo’s most notorious could eventually lead to an impeachment that is well-deserved.

As The Hill reported, a 2010 Pentagon investigation concluded that Army enlisted man Bowe Bergdahl had walked out on his unit and left a note in his tent saying he was disillusioned with the Army and no longer supported the war.

Columnist Pat Buchanan noted the following:

  • “Forty-eight hours after Obama celebrated Bergdahl’s release, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was promising an investigation of the soldier (Bergdahl) on the charge of desertion and related allegations he may have defected and collaborated.”

  • “If Gen. Martin Dempsey was aware an investigation into charges so serious that they carry the death penalty was ahead for Bergdahl, did he not flag the White House before the president went before the nation to celebrate Bergdahl’s return?”
  • “In return for one U.S. soldier, we traded five hardened Taliban commanders and killers. Their release has proven both a moral and military victory for our enemies, and a moral defeat for our friends.”

This absolutely outrageous trade of five terrorist prisoners for one U.S. deserter inevitably raises the question: What next?

Will the Islamic terrorists bring about the capture of one other U.S. soldier – for whom they will offer release in exchange for 10 terrorists rather than five?

This scandal should make the midterm election of this November result in even more of a Republican congressional landslide – along with the victory of some Democrats also appalled at the Bergdahl outrage.

After that election, there should be in the House more than enough votes for impeachment. And since the Senate is widely predicted to lose its bare Democratic edge in this November election, there is even the possibility of a conviction and removal of Obama from the presidency.

A political blockbuster and guide for Congress to draw up articles of impeachment – Aaron Klein’s “Impeachable Offenses: The Case for Removing Barack Obama from Office”

I used the word “possibility” advisedly. For even Clinton’s use of the Oval Office for oral sex with a White House intern – as well as Slick Willy’s lying under oath – did not result in his impeachment’s Senate conviction and removal from office.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that along with the most powerful position in the United States there are powerful temptations.

At the same time, there has never been any kind of a successful movement to remove the possibility of presidential impeachment from the Constitution.

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