YouTube sensation, singer Tiffany Alvord

YouTube sensation, singer Tiffany Alvord

It’s time for all the funny without the offensive.

So say Caleb and Corey Vetter, the filmmakers behind a new project that’s teaming up a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member, the writers of the Christian radio drama “Adventures in Odyssey” and a YouTube singing sensation ready to make her first splash in the movies.

Their current project, a feature-length romantic comedy scheduled for release in 2015 called “So Broken Up,” is a family-friendly film designed in stark contrast with much of the filth Hollywood is producing today.

“I get tired of seeing all these comedies come out that could be good movies, yet they get destroyed with obscenities and sexual content,” says director Caleb Vetter. “But a lot of the clean movies are serious dramas. I like to laugh, and I know others do, too.”

The Vetter brothers hope this film will wake people up to the fact comedy doesn’t have to be dirty – a much different outlook than creators of the R-rated comedies so prevalent in theaters. Being Christian filmmakers, Caleb and Cory would like to see their film reach a wide audience and help advance the surge in popularity for films made by Christians.

To reach the widest audience possible, the young filmmakers have brought on board talent from a wide spectrum of recognizable projects, such as actor Osric Chau from the epic end-of-the-world film “2012” and Victoria Jackson, a former regular cast member of “Saturday Night Live.” They’ve also attached the very talented and popular YouTube star Tiffany Alvord, who will be playing jazz singer Emily, the love interest in the film.

Alvord’s smoky eyes and soulful voice have made her a sensation on YouTube. Her music videos and covers of popular songs boast over 365 million views, and her YouTube channel claims nearly 2 millions subscribers.

The Vetter brothers have also brought on board screenwriters Torry Martin and Marshall Younger to script doctor the screenplay. Martin and Younger have co-written almost 300 episodes of the award-winning, family radio drama “Adventures in Odyssey,” as well as nine feature-length screenplays.

The Vetter brothers have been shooting film for years in locations all over the world. Their more recent excursions include a tour with 400 others to the breathtaking landscape of Israel, hosted by WND founder Joseph Farah and “The Harbinger” author Jonathan Cahn.

Join Joseph Farah and Rabbi Jonathan Cahn for the next, life-changing tour of Israel!

Video of the Vetter brothers’ trip to Israel can be seen below:

The Vetter brothers have also worked on many other feature films, short films, commercials and music videos, gathering the skills necessary to create feature-length films of their own. Their 2010 feature-length romantic drama called “Pawn’s Move” garnered acclaim from several film festivals, was sold in Wal-Mart stores and is currently available on Netflix.

Filming “So Broken Up”, however, comes with significant challenges. The Vetter brothers are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $150,000 budget needed to shoot the film. Details can be found on the film’s Kickstarter page by clicking here.

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