(Times of Israel) Israel attempted to use tapes of former US president Bill Clinton’s steamy conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky to leverage the release of Jonathan Pollard, a new book on the Clinton family’s political enterprises has claimed. In the book, titled “Clinton Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine,” author Daniel Halper relies on on-the-record interviews with former officials together with a close analysis of documents termed “the Monica Files” to paint a salacious – and uncomplimentary – picture of one of the most prominent political families in the United States.

In his acclaimed book, “Catching Our Flag: Behind the Scenes of a Presidential Impeachment,” James Rogan, the former impeachment manager in the House of Representatives, lays out the template to lead the reader, step by step, of how he got a very reluctant Congress to impeach a very popular president.

Halper reviewed hundreds of pages of documents compiled as a contingency to use in case the former intern ever was involved in legal action against Clinton.

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