By Cheryl K. Chumley

Either Democrats are insane – or they’re actively trying to destroy America by crumbling the southern border.

How else does one explain the recent swirl from the left that’s not only downplaying the constitutional chaos that’s stemmed from President Obama’s own pro-amnesty rhetoric – but that’s also ordering government-sponsored bus drivers to cart dozens of illegal immigrants to places throughout the United States? In a court of law, that’d be termed aiding and abetting. But within the current confines of this leftist political bubble called the White House, bringing in the buses and driving lawbreakers to select localities – where they’ll receive tax-paid medical care, housing, clothing and food – is called compassion.

And those who disagree or protest are called racist.

Insane? On the surface, with “The Twilight Zone” music playing softly in the background, yes.

But since it’s hard to imagine so many Democrats all suffering the same mental health ailment all at the same time – an ailment that apparently produces identically skewed perceptions of compassion – it’s only logical to conclude that something deeper is at play. Democrats have stumbled upon their time in history to completely upset the constitutional order of America. They’ve hit their fast-track stride to accomplish something that previous generations of progressive-minded lefties have only dared dream: the means of destroying the very foundations of our society, the rule of law.

The open-border, amnesty hope of the left is about to be realized.

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Just a glimpse of the latest: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his Democrat-controlled city council just passed a measure creating identification cards giving illegals the ability to open bank accounts, rent apartments, access government services – a rubber stamp of legitimacy, in other words. California Gov. Jerry Brown previously signed a bill into law giving illegals the ability to obtain driver’s licenses – and so long as they admit they’re illegals on their paperwork, they’ll be granted immunity from prosecution. New York City’s nod to illegals is expected to help out about 500,000; California’s, up to 1.4 million, beginning in January.

States that do try to rein in so-called rights – or, the more aptly named special privileges – for illegals are slapped down by liberal judges. Arizona, for instance, was just told by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that its ban on driver’s licenses for illegals was unconstitutional.

More random acts of insanity?

Hardly. This is all part and parcel of the current White House’s realization of campaign promises to reform immigration – with reform, of course, defined as radicalize. Obama started the process with his famous pen and cell-phone approach in 2012, issuing an executive order that prohibited the deportation of up to 800,000 illegals who came to the country as minor-aged children. He took up the mantra of executive action again just recently, pledging to circumvent Congress if lawmakers didn’t act according to his immigration will and giving the thumbs-up to the Department of Justice to spend $2 million of taxpayer funds to hire attorneys to defend those illegals who do cross the border.

And cross they did – and continue to do so, to the tune of 55,000 or so between October and June. The latest estimate is that 90,000 or so of minor-aged illegals are expected to make it on American soil before the end of the summer.

Really, hat tip to the White House for hatching the dastardly brilliant plot to use children for political tools – makes it doubly difficult for anyone with concern for the rule of law, or the fate of the U.S. economy and national security, to launch a viable protest that doesn’t die a quick death against the media broadcast backdrop of a doe-eyed child.

And now militias are heading to Texas, setting up a command post to establish what they describe as a unified means of protecting America’s sovereignty? The White House can only be rubbing hands with glee, imagining the slate of stories to come with headlines that blast the likes: “Tea-party types take up arms against Central American children,” or “Gun-toting right-wingers prep for attack against government.”

What’s happening with our border is not a federal government oversight, a miscalculation, a surprise, a political stumble or even – as Nancy Pelosi put forth, wagging her finger at America – an “opportunity” to serve “God’s children” in love and compassion. What’s going on now at the border is the result of a president with a pro-amnesty bent and a talking point of American exceptionalism – but a pattern of action that reveals contempt for everything that sets the nation apart from all others.

What’s going on now is the purposeful act of a president and his leftist supporters who think America’s no better than anywhere else and by extension, neither are her people, her politics, her rule of law, her economy, her principles or her moral compass. It’s the attitude: Let’s open the border – illegals from Central America, Mexico or anywhere else are just as entitled to U.S. lands as American citizens. And if we can’t get a hold of this current administration’s rogue politics and attack on America’s Constitution, the border issue is going to prove the death of U.S. exceptionalism.

Get your copy of Cheryl Chumley’s newly released book, “Police State USA: How Orwell’s Nightmare is Becoming our Reality” – published by WND Books




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