By Andrew J. Ireland

WASHINGTON – Calling out America’s mainstream media for painting “American patriotism as some form of leprosy,” one Australian says the Left’s renouncement of patriotism is “distressing and disappointing but unsurprising.”

Native Australian and WND author of the newly released book, “The American Boomerang,” Nick Adams weighed in on Fox and Friends on Thursday, telling folks why the Left should instead find pride in being an American.

According to a recent Pew Research Center report only 40 percent of “solid liberals” find themselves proud to be an American. But Adams is telling the world why to embrace America with open arms.

“What’s good for America is good for the world. When the world has got a strong America that means we are in a much better position. A strong America means a safe world,” Adams said.

He says media across American instead, are “running a protection racket for the anti-American agenda.”

“Frankly it’s nothing short of treasonous. People can only perceive America in the world as it is reported to them,” he said.

Adams said these mainstream media groups are nothing short of “a snide cabal that paint cultural pride and American patriotism as some form of leprosy and a belief in American exceptionalism is a disability.”

Even the president has discounted the idea of American exceptionalism, telling a 2009 NATO summit, “I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

In that light, Adams message is all the more special.

A true de Tocqueville of our time, Adams is giving Americans a fresh set of eyes on why America is the beacon of freedom and hope to world and why that greatness will endure.

“There’s really only one country that’s exceptional,” he said. “The American value system is the best hope for humanity. America has been the beacon of hope for mankind since 1776 and it’s got to remain that way.”

Rebuking the idea of American decline, Adams stays true to a message of a bright and prosperous future in America.

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“America has got nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of. It’s the greatest country in the recorded human history,” he said.

Instead of feeling shame for their national identity, Adams attests “every American should be wearing their patriotism on their sleeve.”

“The world’s fortunes travel with America,” he said. “A world where fallen America or where America is weak is a world where terror, tyranny and torture would reign.”


Released by WND Books on July 1, “The American Boomerang” is, as Lt. Col. Allen West says in the foreword, “a clarion call for America to arise, remember its goodness and greatness, and restore this Republic, not just for its own sake but for that of the world. To once again be that beacon of liberty. It takes us from the founding to the present, sharing an inspiring vision along the way, and makes the case that American values are conservative values, and to preserve its exceptionalism, America must remain a center-right nation. Despite the prophets of gloom, in the eyes of outsider Nick Adams, America the Great will only continue to become greater.”

One of the nation’s top brain surgeons, a New York Times bestselling author and possible 2016 presidential contender, Dr. Ben Carson, endorsed “The American Boomerang” calling it “right on target.”

Carson, a man known to be frank, made headlines with his instant viral hit keynote address at the National Prayer Breakfast in February 2013. Just feet away from President Obama, the neurosurgeon offered a common sense critique of liberal government, calling for a return to our historic culture of personal responsibility, free markets, and upward mobility.

A striking message, Adams’ book is all the more special because he is not an American. Not even close. In fact, he was born in, raised in and is a citizen of Australia.

Focusing on the resilient nature of America, Adam’s book chronicles why our nation, as it has time and time again, will triumph over current threats to its freedom and survival. Adams wrote the book imbued with the belief that if he, a foreigner, can be so optimistic about and committed to American institutions and principles, so too should Americans.

Carson’s comments come off the heels of conservative radio host and media icon Glenn Beck’s gushing over the book and Adams’ message. In a state of pure admiration, Beck called Adams “more dedicated than most Americans are to tell us the truth about ourselves.”

Here are what some others are saying about “The American Boomerang.”

  • “Nick Adams-the de Tocqueville traveler of our times – -has captured the essence of why America is destined to remain great. In ‘The American Boomerang,’ Nick reminds us why the virtues of exceptional America are steadfast in nature, that the challenges we face merely temper our reserve to continue our search for freedom and a civil society.” – a Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D, founder and former president of the Heritage Foundation
  • “Nick Adams is the antidote to all the doubts the Left has sown among us about America’s mission. From across the Pacific, he has come to know us well, and love us. In a vivid and readable book, he proves that sometimes a spectator sees more of the game.” – Dick Morris, former adviser to President Bill Clinton
  • “Foreigners, starting with Alexis de Tocqueville, have shown a unique understanding of the United States and what it means to be an American. Now Nick Adams, a young Australian, writes in this tradition, of old-fashioned American patriotism and courage-which aren’t actually old-fashioned at all.” – Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
  • “The American Boomerang should be compulsory reading for every American. It is a call to action, and an outside voice reminding us of our promise in the world. It reasserts the American virtues we have recently begun to abandon, like faith and freedom. Adams’ conservative insight is invaluable and irresistible.” – Ben Shapiro, Editor-at-Large,
  • “Why is this place we call America, at this time, the exception to the historical rule? Read ‘American Boomerang’ to be reminded of the qualities that have made America the most prosperous, free, and benevolent nation in human history, and pass it on to those who may have forgotten.” – Dan Bongino, author of “Life Inside the Bubble”
  • “It’s the locker room at half time and the home team is listless, confused, and playing lousy. But Nick Adams has a powerful pep talk for Team USA that is just the kind of bracing, snap-out-of-it, kick-in-the-pants that a great nation needs to get back in the game to win. American Boomerang is more than a sorely needed love letter from Down Under-it’s a timely, wise, and heartfelt plea to America to embrace its inherent exceptionalism.” – Jack Fowler, publisher of National Review’

Andrew Ireland is an intern for WND.

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