By Kelly Fidler

WASHINGTON – The Medal of Honor recipient many consider America’s most decorated living veteran is calling out the Obama administration and its liberal backers who “openly defy the law” to solve the immigration crisis, not just complain.

Advising President Obama on how to solve the crisis of the illegal aliens crossing into America from Mexico, retired Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady suggested that liberals “should lead the way and start adopting the poor children.”

Brady told WND the Obama administration should stop using immigration reform as a guise for amnesty, but instead honor the rule of law. Brady, a resident of Texas, said his state, and the U.S., are gravely threatened by the crisis at the border.

“We don’t need immigration reform,” he said. “The root of America is that we live by the rule of law.”

And the U.S. already has immigration laws, which critics say are not being enforced under Obama’s  Oval Office directives.

Brady served more than 34 years in the Army in duty stations across the world, including posts such as the commander of the DMZ in Korea and the Pentagon’s chief spokesman for the Army. Among other roles, Brady has presided as the president of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society and the commissioner of the Battle Monuments Commission during the construction of the World War II Memorial.

In two tours in Vietnam, he rescued more than 5,000 wounded and flew more than 2,500 combat missions. He is identified in the Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War as the top helicopter pilot in that war and is one of two Vietnam soldiers to earn both the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross, our nation’s second highest award.

Brady attests that the Obama administration has chosen to “openly defy the law” and “allow these people who are criminals to stay here and to live here when they should be deported.”

“[Obama] looks at everything in terms of votes,” he charged.

Brady believes that the president will move to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants, something he attributes solely to political motivations.

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“Behind all of this is votes … they may say that they may not let them vote for 14 years, but by the stroke of his pen he can allow these people to vote or he will try to do that.”

Immigration reform is nothing but an excuse for amnesty and a ploy to bring in a new pool of left-leaning voters, according to Brady. Instead of reforming the laws, he believes Obama should call for enforcement of the laws already in place.

“We have laws that will put an end to this now, but what they are looking for is amnesty, which equals votes,” he said.

Rebuking the calls for compassion to the thousands crossing illegally each day, Brady said Obama is using the children like pawns in a game of chess – and he’s winning.

“It’s not compassion,” he said. “It’s cruel what they are doing to these people to seduce them to coming into America and living as an underclass.”

Brady said there is really only one solution to the crisis, the big “I” word.

“There will be no end to the incompetence of this government until Obama leaves office,” he said. “If Nixon did one-tenth of what Obama did, starting with Fast and Furious, he would have been impeached by now. I put the blame on him.”

Brady is the author of “Dead Men Flying: Victory in Vietnam – The Legend of Dust Off, America’s Battlefield Angels,” which tells the story of the selfless bravery of helicopter rescue pilots and how this has often been overlooked in histories of the Vietnam War that present the conflict as an endless series of carnage.

Brady exposes the perseverance of compassion, courage and faith even in the midst of war.

His awards include: Two Distinguished Service Medals; the Defense Superior Service Medal; the Legion of Merit; six Distinguished Flying Crosses; two Bronze Stars, one for valor; the Purple Heart and 53 Air Medals, one for valor. He is a member of both the Army Aviation and Dust Off Halls of Fame.

In “Dead Men Flying,” Brady writes that humanitarianism was the great untold story of the Vietnam War. American soldiers risked their lives not just for each other but for the Vietnamese people, sometimes even enemy soldiers.

At the heart of this effort was “Dust Off,” the helicopter rescue program that was the most dangerous of all aviation operations. Brady headed the 54th Medical Detachment, which rescued thousands of both enemy and friendly personnel while accumulating 26 Purple Hearts.

He also shows how air ambulance operations were critical to the morale of American soldiers in Vietnam and how he had to fight to maintain the autonomy of “Dust Off” as a separate unit. Even today, the controversy continues as bureaucrats attempt to remove air medical rescue’s ability to operate as distinct units.

Kelly Fidler is an intern for WND.

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