Charlie Daniels, the folk-country-rock star whose melodies and lyrics have enchanted America for decades and whose no-holds-barred political opinions are posted online, has a word of advice for President Obama.

To help Obama raise his popularity, which has been underwater and at near-record lows in recent months.

He tweeted, “Obama could raise his numbers exponentially over night if he went to the border and said PRESIDENT NEITO, PUT UP THIS WALL!!!!”

His comment addressed the issue of the flood of illegal aliens, especially children, being drawn to the United States mostly from points in Central America because of Obama’s open doors messages.

And they are to a president with whom Daniels has not often agreed.

For example, his most recent Soap Box commentary starts out, “I am convinced that Barack Obama has no intention of leaving America armed when he leaves office. If there is any way, hook, crook or presidential fiat that he can use to lay the groundwork for the confiscation of privately owned firearms, he will …”

But Americans found themselves responding to Daniels in agreement with his suggestion that Obama challenge Mexican President Enrique Nieto to close his country’s border with America to illegal aliens being hauled from Central America by human smugglers.

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Greg Griffin noted, “But that would stop his Democratic voter registration drive in Texas,” and Mike S. Hall said, “or just cross the border and keep on walking south.”

“He could raise his numbers he did anything except vacation, play golf and ignore the USA!” said Hook Moore.

Daniels’ comments echoed the challenge from President Ronald Reagan to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev when Reagan spoke at the Berlin Wall, challenging him to “Tear down this wall.”

At Twitchy, a posting by staff members noted Daniels’ plan even could be called “Reaganesque.”

While Daniels tweet may have been part jest, others on the subject haven’t been.

In fact, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said via Twitter in the last day, “@BarackObama creates [a deferred action program against illegal alien children] by fiat & illegal aliens overrun USA. AZ will continue to fight this imperial POTUS & demand secure borders.”

That followed by only minutes Brewer’s comment, “AZ will continue to fight for the rule of law. Lawless decrees by president shows animus to Congress & Constitution.”

Her Twitter account has been filled with immigration crisis statements, including, “POTUS can complain all he wants, but until he takes concrete action to secure border/enforce law, Americans won’t trust him on immigration,” and “Executive orders won’t change the fact that this immigration crisis is the result of @BarackObama’s deliberate refusal to secure the border.”

Texas Gov. Rick Perry openly lobbied for personal intervention by the president.

“While in TX next week, I invite you to tour the border with me to see firsthand what is happening there,” he tweeted. He also added, “My experience touring the McAllen border patrol detention facility: ‘The Human Cost of Failed Border Policies.'”

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