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Dems better than Repubs at this …

I think today’s Democratic Party is corrupt to the core, anti-American, anti-God, anti-life, anti-liberty and anti-Constitution.

In other words, there’s not much good about the Democratic Party from my perspective.

However, there is one thing I admire about Democrats. There’s one thing I wish the Republicans would emulate about them. There’s one thing Republicans could do more like Democrats that would make them winners politically.

What is that thing?

It’s the way Democrats fight hard and relentlessly for their cause. They never give up. They keep pressing on despite defeats. Even when facing certain defeat, they push the envelope knowing they will not only rally their base but persuade new followers through the effort.

What am I talking about?

Let me give you an example.

Democrats tried to criminalize Christianity through the Obamacare legislation by requiring businesses to pay for all forms of birth control, including abortifacients, through their health insurance plans. Hobby Lobby objected and took its challenge to the Supreme Court. It won. Did Democrats roll over and forget about it? No, they didn’t. They are now pushing legislation in the U.S. Senate to, in effect, override the Supreme Court decision.

It’s a despicable action morally. But politically, it’s genius.

It’s an election year. Democrats need to rally their base and push their warped ideas harder than ever just to survive. This one is sure to get out the base and low-information voters who don’t grasp the concept of liberty, self-government, limited government and religious freedom. They know this. So they push legislation that is certain to be voted down in the House. This way, they can boast to their supporters how righteous and feisty they are and how evil Republicans want to deprive women of birth control.

Are Democrats tilting at windmills by proposing new legislation in the Senate that would be the most sweeping pro-abortion effort in decades, knowing the bill doesn’t have a chance in the House?

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In one sense they are, but in another sense, they are doing what their constituents want them to do. Isn’t that what representative government is all about? Doesn’t this solidify their base in the upcoming mid-term elections? Don’t the Democrats need every last vote they can get to have any chance of surviving an anticipated shellacking in the fall?

That’s why they do these thing. Of course, they also can rely on a compliant press to carry water for them – something Republicans will never have. But it’s a smart strategy. They think long-term. Republicans do not.

For example, there has been no recent effort by Republicans in the House to overturn Obamacare – one of the most unpopular pieces of legislation ever. Obamacare is the wind at their backs going into the midterm election. It’s the main reason Republicans are expected to win more seats in the House and possibly take over the Senate.

But their mandate would be so much bigger if Republicans were aggressive legislatively and catered to their base on issues like Obamacare, the border, the IRS scandal, Benghazi and more. They don’t. Republicans explain that a vote to overturn Obamacare would be purely symbolic because it could never be approved in the Democrat-controlled Senate and would face a veto by Barack Obama.

So what?

What’s wrong with rallying the troops?

What’s wrong with demonstrating clearly the differences between the two parties?

What’s wrong with demonstrating intent to overturn Obamacare once Republicans are in control of the Senate and the presidency?

Why do Republican leaders even say it’s unlikely they will ever overturn Obamacare?

Why should the Republican base, furious at legislation like this, rally behind wimps with no vision and no stomach for battle?

That’s what I admire about the Democrats. I despise them, but they know how to fight to win.

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