With the influx of tens of thousands of illegal aliens coming daily over the border from Mexico into the United States looming as a crisis – and potential election issue this year – one man who is trying to move to America says it’s a long and expensive process, if you follow the law.

“[My] decision is pending. It’s taking a long time, and they are about six weeks late on the average processing time, but I’m told that is very normal,” says Nick Adams, an Australian and the author of a new book, “The American Boomerang: How the World’s Greatest Turnaround Nation Will Do It Again.”

“The whole process is running at about 18 months – but I was told it could take up to three years until everything is finalized,” he continued, “It’s cost me close to $15,000. A lot of money for a 29-year-old. Again normal amount of money,” he said.

Opinions on what America should do about immigration and border security abound these days.

But lost in the arguments over illegal aliens and children sent by their parents to chase education, health and housing benefits are the people who want to come to America the old fashioned way – legally.

“The general point is, and my interesting perspective is: the legal process is a brutal process – it’s extraordinarily lengthy, rigorous, cumbersome and expensive – and crossing the border, ironically, is so much easier … and scumbags can come here, and American-loving people like me have to scratch and claw and bankrupt themselves practically in the process,” Adams said.

As someone watching the current humanitarian crisis on the southern U.S. border and the ongoing immigration debate from the outside, Adams believes Americans need to be both welcoming and firm in their handling of the issue.

“Few Americans realize how difficult the process is to come to America legally. There are millions upon millions of people who would give their left arm to be part of America,” he said. “But it’s so expensive, rigorous, and onerous to get here.”

In his book, Adams encourages the U.S. to stand up to the bullying that often comes from the politically correct crowd. That includes pushing back on illegal immigration.

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“The left has made the border a construct of discrimination,” he said.

“The left has declared war on borders when the reality is every country has the right to determine who comes into their country and the circumstances under which they come. That is a fundamental tenet of any sovereign nation.”

As he traveled around America to write his book, Adams met legal immigrants.

“There was a great feeling of injustice,” he said of their feelings on illegal immigration. “We did things the right way at great personal expense, at great personal cost.”

Adams believes the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce current laws is largely to blame for the influx of illegals along the southern border.

“This president is showing that when it comes to the border, the eagle has turned into a sparrow,” he said.

“If America had a president who was 100 percent committed to border security and showed that through his actions and not just talking, no one would stretch even his big toe across the border.”

In Adams’ home of Australia, the newly elected conservative government has tackled illegal immigration head on, riling the politically correct crowd. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government marked 100 days without a single refugee boat coming ashore, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Whenever a boat comes, the Australian military turns it back. Very quickly now the message has gone out that if you try to come to Australia like that, you’re not going to arrive.”

The stance is in contrast to the previous center-left government, which enabled illegal immigration, according to Adams.

“They had basically sent out the message that they were going to wind back the so-called inhumane, very strict border policy. What did that lead to? Tens of thousands of boats coming and people risking their lives on leaky vessels to come to Australia.”

Adams believes the U.S. can make a comeback economically, culturally and on policy issues like immigration only if it reaches the right consensus on what it means to be an American.

“One of the things that conservatives stand on is ‘E pluribus unum,’ out of many one. When people come to America and integrate, America is enriched. Conservatives need to be out there promoting legal immigration.”

Adams believes this will require new and bold political leadership.

“It will require a traditional president to rise up and right this ship,” Adams said. “America is going through an ideological crisis and illegal immigration is just one facet of that. I do think that looking back at America’s history, it has always been able to identify a problem and rectify that problem.”

The book has been endorsed by Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson and Glenn Beck, among many others.

“Nick Adams is the antidote to all the doubts the left has sown among us about America’s mission,” said Dick Morris, former adviser to President Bill Clinton. “From across the Pacific, he has come to know us well, and love us. In a vivid and readable book, he proves that sometimes a spectator sees more of the game.”

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