My belief that Obama is singularly responsible for allowing the illegal-alien children pouring across our southern border to infest our country and be granted immunity for breaking our sovereign laws may not be enough by itself to litigate against him. That notwithstanding, I am persuaded that there is ample evidence to litigate against those responsible for openly refusing to honor their oath to protect us from harm, which specifically includes the diseases illegals are bringing into our country. I may not be a lawyer, but I believe that Obama and certain members of Congress are not only condoning the lawlessness of illegals bringing diseases across our border, but are encouraging subordinates to do same. To my way of reasoning, that is the making for one heck of a class-action lawsuit.

Once again, I confess to not being a lawyer, but I would think The Federal Tort Claims Act would allow certain government employees to sue, because they are being both exposed to life-threatening diseases and placed at risk of infection the federal government could very easily keep out. Private citizens as well as government employees have every right to reasonably expect and believe the federal government (and our local governments) will protect us from avoidable harm, such as knowingly permitting illegal-alien disease carriers to infect our communities.

Susan Jones, reporting for CNSNews, wrote: “Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told a gathering in Washington on Tuesday. ‘If we’re not careful, we will soon be in a post-antibiotic era. And in fact, for some patients and some pathogens, we’re already there,’ he said in a speech at the National Press Club.

“‘Antimicrobial resistance has the potential to harm or kill anyone in the country; to undermine modern medicine; to devastate our economy; and to make our health-care system less stable.’ The problem must be confronted quickly and decisively, Frieden said, to continue protecting Americans from the moment they are born: ‘But every day we delay, it gets harder and more expensive to reverse it,’ he warned.” (“CDC Chief: Next Pandemic ‘Hiding In Plain Sight,'” July 23, 2014)

Allowing illegal-alien children into our country and, even more indefensibly, knowingly housing these illegal-alien children in children’s homes like “Kids Peace” in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is an unconscionable act of lethal irresponsibility.

Several days ago, I received the following from a reader whose name I have withheld: “I live on Long Island, New York, and my 12-year-old son was just diagnosed with the Coxsackie virus. However, after following up with his pediatrician b/c of lesions on his FACE (Coxackie is known as Hand, Foot and Mouth disease) the doctor said this was ‘very atypical’ of Coxsackie lesions. It may be the same virus but the presentation is different. This doctor has been practicing pediatrics for 40-plus years and wanted one of his colleagues to look at my son’s lesions. He had never seen the virus presented like this before. My son is not in day care or camp. The last place he was before he got sick was at a public beach. The threat to our health and economy is real indeed. Thank you for speaking truth. God bless.”

The reader subsequently informed me that her son’s illness very closely mirrored the “Ghost Virus” that infected a children’s learning center in Wisconsin. Of course, no one is willing to publicly say if the early learning center in Wisconsin has illegal alien children attending or if the infected children have been exposed to them.

On July 24, the Associated Press reported there was a desperate manhunt on for Eduardo Rosas Cruz who was diagnosed with tuberculosis in March of this year. California medical workers released Cruz to a hotel fully cognizant that he was from an area of Mexico that is known for its drug-resistant strain of TB. California might as well be known as North Mexico given the extent government officials have gone to accommodate illegal aliens.

As I wrote in my July 20 syndicated column, Dr. Lyle Rapacki reported that “Arizona Health and Human Services Department clearly states there is no health screening occurring on the … illegal [alien] children being brought and turfed in Arizona.”

In the same article, I noted that Dr. Rapacki further revealed: “On Thursday [July 10], ABC News confirmed what AZDI sources revealed earlier, there is virtually no health screening of any real public health value done on the UACs, (i.e., unaccompanied alien children).”

In my July 17 syndicated column I wrote: “The now nationally discussed medical fears are beginning to manifest. Reports by Border Patrol facilities holding illegal children and military bases used likewise now report strong cases and quickly spreading cases of pneumonia, TB, scabies, parasitic diseases not even seen previously in America, sexually transmitted diseases [and] severe swine flu. Isolated for now, cases of polio are reported in southern states.”

There are outbreaks of leprosy in New York; entire school districts are coming in contact with virulent strains of TB in Georgia and other states. There are outbreaks of dengue fever, Chagas Disease and flesh eating fungi. All that is referenced here is directly attributable to illegal aliens and now specifically illegal-alien children. The same Congress and federal government that knowingly permitted the secret use of LSD testing on Americans without their consent or knowledge is now subjecting us to known peril again.

How many children will be stricken as they return to their schools in the fall? How many day-care centers will be affected? What will be the death toll? It is up to us to demand the courts hold those sworn to protect us accountable for knowingly, and with complete disregard, subjecting us to virulent diseases without our knowledge and/or consent.

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