By Andrew J. Ireland

WASHINGTON – Calling Independence Day “the greatest birthday in the world,” Australian author Nick Adams, whose new WND book is “The American Boomerang,” is giving Americans a fresh set of eyes this July 4.

A true de Tocqueville, Adams provides an outsider’s perspective on why America is the beacon of freedom and hope to world and why that greatness will endure.

Internationally renowned for his work as a speaker, lecturer, author, and media commentator, Adams is best known for his work in the field of American exceptionalism. Spreading his message throughout the United States, Adams has spoken in more than 20 states, at conventions, corporate meetings, military bases, schools and churches. Because of his work Adams has received many awards – even honorary citizenship in America.

In an open address for Independence Day Adams said there is “nothing quite as extraordinary as what [America] did on July 4, 1776, when 56 men of indomitable spirit risked property, reputation and life so that people of this nation could live free from tyranny and seek their creator.”

“It was the start of something magnificent, a chance at being exceptional, a chance to grow into the shining city on the hill and boy, did it ever,” he exclaimed. “It went from the greatest idea to the greatest nation.”

A striking comment by someone from abroad, he said, “the American model has offered a greater chance for dignity, hope and happiness for more people than any other government system has offered its own.”

Adams warned, however, “even [America’s] promise can be threatened by those who do not share these ideals.”

He highlights big government as one threat to America’s promise. “An excess in power of government, for example, is always a fundamental threat to liberty,” Adams said.

Struck by the belief that America is the beacon of hope for the world, Adams prays, “that America does not follow the path of other Western nations for it will diminish the freedom, culture and liberty of your future generations.”

“A world with a weak or fallen America does not bear thinking about, but I have faith and so should you. For this nation was founded on it,” he said.

Faith, both in God and America, is something he is very passionate about. He believes this is a key principle in the rise of America to her greatness.

Finishing with a call to action, Adams says, “it is our collective duty to keep America strong, to keep it exceptional. For what is good for this nation is surely good for the world.”

Released by WND Books as of July 1, “The American Boomerang” is, as Lt. Col. Allen West says in the foreword, “a clarion call for America to arise, remember its goodness and greatness, and restore this republic, not just for its own sake but for that of the world. To once again be that beacon of liberty. It takes us from the founding to the present, sharing an inspiring vision along the way, and makes the case that American values are conservative values, and to preserve its exceptionalism, America must remain a center-right nation. Despite the prophets of gloom, in the eyes of outsider Nick Adams, America the Great will only continue to become greater.”

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Focusing on the resilient nature of America, Adam’s book chronicles why the U.S., as it has time and time again, will triumph over current threats to its freedom and survival. Adams wrote the book imbued with the belief that if he, a foreigner, can be so optimistic about and committed to American institutions and principles, so, too, should Americans.

A perfect message for Independence Day, Adams hopes his story will inspire others of America’s greatness.

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Read Adam’s Independence Day column.

Andrew Ireland is an intern for WND.

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