You would think a slap-down by the Supreme Court would deter Harry Reid and the Democratic Party from another effort to institutionalize religious bigotry and a frontal assault on the First Amendment into American life.

Think again.

That’s just what the Senate majority leader is boasting he will do – all in the name of ensuring that women have access to birth control – as if someone is denying it to them today.

Next week, Reid is expected to hold a vote on “Not My Boss’ Business Act,” which will force employers with religious and conscientious objections to abortion to provide health-care plans that pay for them.

Besides my obvious objections on religious ground, the very title of the bill offends me as an employer: If your boss pays for something, it’s his business. You would think Americans would understand this. It is his or her business – by definition.

What’s ironic about all this is how the abortion movement began with this slogan: “The government has no business in my bedroom.” Now, of course, it’s everybody’s business what goes on in your bedroom. And if it’s not the government’s business what goes on in your bedroom (and I never thought it was, by the way), why is the government making it everyone’s business?

It’s the same with homosexuality (and now transgenderism). If it’s not the government’s business, why are federal judges and the U.S. government making it everyone’s business?

We’ve come full circle, as they say.

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But back to Harry Reid.

He’s steaming mad that the Supreme Court protected the integrity of the First Amendment by striking down Obamacare’s requirement that employers, even with religious objections, provide health-care insurance that pays for abortifacient birth control. He’s intent on overriding that decision with another piece of unconstitutional legislation.

The bill will be introduced by Sen. Patty Murray, the 60-watt bulb who explained after 9/11 that Osama bin Laden had the support of his people because he provided day-care options for women. (Think I’m kidding? Here’s a refresher on that long-forgotten quote.)

None of this should surprise anyone, of course.

This is the same Democratic Party that booed God at its convention in 2012. Remember that? God-hating doesn’t get much more blatant than that.

We all know the Democrats don’t like God, but they used to pay homage to the First Amendment – even going so far as to use it to justify their support for pornography.

But now they are not only at war with God, they are also chipping away at the Constitution’s protection of free speech, freedom of the press and religious liberty with an all-out assault on the First Amendment – all in the name of cheap contraceptives.

It shows you what their priorities are.

To Democrats the First Amendment is in the Constitution to protect your right to produce and view pornography.

But if someone wants her health insurance policy to cover the costs of birth control, then override the First Amendment’s protection of religious liberty.

We’ve seen this kind of hostility to the First Amendment before from Democrats as they have tried to squelch freedom of speech on talk radio and restrict even political speech in election years with tight restrictions on campaign ads.

Where does this end?

It ends with the successful “fundamental transformation” of America, as Barack Obama promised in his campaign rhetoric.

It’s coming rapidly. It’s here. The Democratic Party not only hates God, it hates the American experiment in liberty. This is not your mother’s Democratic Party. This is something hideously perverted and evil. It seeks to stand on its head everything uniquely beautiful about our country and its system of limited government.

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