The Department of Veterans Affairs’ job was to care for veterans. The ex-secretary of the VA, Eric Shinseki, had been in control of this organization for some six years. During this time, 40 veterans died because they were denied treatment – treatment clearly they were entitled to receive from mandated providers.

Secret lists were maintained on veterans waiting to be seen by doctors. These lists covered up wait times that were exceeded. The reason these lists were used was so that tracking of wait times could be deliberately covered up.

What is more shocking is that more than $17 million were paid to doctors and administrators of the Veterans Affairs Department for meeting wait times. This appears to be a widespread common practice at many facilities throughout the United States.

Clearly, doctors and administrators have conspired to mislead the public, veterans and possibly the head of the VA.

The Department of Veterans Affairs has degenerated into a criminal enterprise that received salaries and bonuses that were not earned. Those administrators that were part of the conspiracy need to be prosecuted. Bonuses paid to employees of the VA need to be recovered.

I am disappointed in the way veterans have been treated. Congress has also cut veterans’ benefits. Clearly, the security of our country rests with those who are in the military. Why would we as a country short change the military? This is demoralizing to our men and women in uniform that lay it on the line for our country every day.

I am disappointed with President Barack Obama. He was aware of problems with the VA and had pledged to clean it up. He knew there were problems in 2008. The buck has to stop with the president; he failed our veterans. I want to see criminal prosecutions!

Eric Holder and the Department of Justice have not announced any indictments of Veterans Affairs personnel. America and its veterans continue to be betrayed – it is shameful. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Dana L. Stern Sr.

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