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Independence ... but from whom?

In a deeply divided nation holidays like the Fourth of July provide a convenient covering that temporarily obscures our many differences with one another, thereby creating – for a day at least – the illusion of unity.

These differences are most often viewed as political. On the surface, they are. On the one hand, we differ in the need for “overseas entanglements” as George Washington described treaties and wars. On the other hand, we differ in our views of our own government’s efforts “on our behalf” as one group would describe them, or its yoke of taxation, bureaucracy and police power as the other group describes it.

The original colonists were divided over the same things, which is why the Declaration of Independence still stirs our emotions. The power they chaffed against was England’s tyrannical King George III, who viewed the colonists as an easy supply of raw materials to help stoke England’s manufacturing economy (with finished goods to be shipped back to them).

Yet the colonists had then one thing we today lack. They had an overarching love for and respect of the Christian religion. They opposed the king’s usurpery of Jesus Christ’s role as the head of the Christian church in England. This finally brought boatloads of middle-class merchants from England to the colonies. In crossing the ocean in the tiny ships of that day, they risked their lives to restore their faith and freedom under the leadership of Jesus Christ – not King George III.

A closer reading of today’s America would divine a similar difference underlying the many political divides and cultural wars raging within our nation. America – once by choice, even at the cost of war a Christian nation – has almost 240 years later openly declared its independence from Jesus Christ.

Today he walks among the lampstands of America’s once fiery church pulpits but sees no flame of freedom burning on his behalf. The light that burned so brightly has gone dark. We stand now in sharp contrast to Ben Franklin’s observation at the Constitutional Convention: “And if a sparrow cannot fall to the Ground without his Notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without his Aid?”

On this Independence Day, I would suggest that America has made the same mistake every other nation that arose with his assist has also made. We took the blessings he gave us and then turned our back on him. Because of the level of power and affluence God bestowed upon us, we are described within scripture not only as a whore, but as the great whore of the last days.

Whoredom implies not only a turning away from one’s first love, but a turning toward other infatuations. In our particular case, the choice of a new lover could not be worse in God’s eyes. By allying ourselves with the rebellion of God’s first and most powerful created being, we have chosen a side he cannot ignore.

Today the majority of our nation celebrates Independence Day as their independence from God. They are not only sadly – but catastrophically and eternally – mistaken.

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