Recently, a blogger at Huffington Post sent me a supposed comedic monologue video she created about women, like my PolitiChicks writers and me, who have been reporting about and/or protesting the illegal immigrants being sent to Murrieta, California. The gist of her video was that we are all uncompassionate racists who hate immigrants.

The reason I’m not mentioning her name is because her video is so race baiting and filled with lies and inconsistencies that I don’t want to give her any extra shares or likes. However, I will go over some of the dialogue to help anyone who believes such drivel and give the other side of the story.

First, HuffPo blogger (or HPB for short) claims the illegals are “primarily from Central America” and are trying to “escape the ceaseless violence of their home countries, young boys who are hoping to escape a life of gang recruitment, and young girls hoping to escape sexual violence usually from gangs as well.”

Regarding where the illegals came from and why they are suddenly being shipped to America, former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson questions why only certain violent countries were chosen over others. Attkisson writes:

“Who or what is behind this apparent, suddenly organized effort? It’s hard to argue that there was a more violent time than when the Medillin drug cartel and Pablo Escobar ruled Colombia in the 1980s, yet were there similar reports of a giant influx of unaccompanied Colombian children at the border? The violence in some Mexican cities, such as Juarez, has reached a peak this decade – yet Mexico isn’t on the list of the top three countries sending unaccompanied children into the U.S.

In fact, Attkisson suggests that instead of “saving children” from gang recruitment, the Central American drug cartel may be responsible for this influx.

If the Daily Beast is correct about the drug cartels’ involvement in the trafficking, then … the U.S. is inadvertently serving the profit motives of the violent cartels and human traffickers, feeding the businesses of those who are moving the kids, helping them create a bigger market, more demand and higher prices.”

Questions HPB should be asking are: What are the criteria in choosing which poverty-stricken, violent nations we help? Who decides this, and where does it stop?

Unfortunately, HPB seems more interested in race baiting than fact gathering. Alternating between her regular voice and a cutesy Valley girl accent (implying that people in Murrieta are all white, Thurston Howell III-type folks), she piously stated, “They (Murrieta residents) don’t want immigrant overflow because immigrants aren’t American.”

This is such a blatant, simplistic and ignorant lie that it’s almost not worth commenting on.


The people of Murrieta were protesting the arrival of illegals in their town because there were given no notice before, during, or after as to who these people were, why they were coming to their town and what they were expected to do with them. If there had only been four or five elementary-aged children without parents, all of this would have been a non-story, and the compassionate citizens of Murrieta would have stepped up to help.

But the reality is that the “children” coming into Murrieta by the busload reportedly appeared to be middle school to early 20s. Unfortunately, there is no “proof” as to who any of these people are – no proof that they are “children escaping gangs and sexual abuse” and no proof of their actual ages. It’s highly unlikely they’re bringing birth certificates with them, which makes background checks virtually impossible and brings up other potential problems.

Yes, there are also some very young unaccompanied children crossing our borders, and part of the “plan” is to allow their parents to follow them. But who are their parents? Will DNA tests be taken to ensure these little ones are turned over to their actual family members? This is highly unlikely as DNA tests are timely and expensive – so what happens if we find out that their “parents” are actually drug runners, criminals, and/or sex abusers?

Do these questions matter to you, HPB, or does the mere asking of them make me a racist?

Another important factor HPB doesn’t mention are the major cracks in America’s Child Protective Services (CPS). Over the past year I have reported extensively about problems with CPS, including the story of Gabriel Fernandez, an 8-year-old child who had been beaten to death by his mother and her boyfriend. Despite repeated reports of abuse to CPS by Gabriel’s first-grade teacher, his cries for help were ignored – and there are other similar cases throughout the U.S. If government agencies like CPS and foster care aren’t able to take care of the thousands of American children who are falling through the cracks, what will happen to the potential tens of thousands more being dumped on this faltering system?

Despite all of this, according to HuffPo blogger, if we don’t simply open our borders as wide as they’ll go and let anyone and everyone in, we are evil, uncompassionate racists.

No, HPB, none of this has anything to do with Americans not liking non-Americans – but you’re in good company in your belief; La Raza and the Revolutionary Communist Party USA are both heartily on your side.

Balancing compassion with intelligence is a necessary element in this illegal-immigrant crisis, and it is something sadly lacking in people like HPB. But then again, she’s simply following the rules set forth by Saul Alinsky:

Rule No. 5: Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.

Rule No. 10: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.

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