For the past month, the Obama administration has been preying heavily on people’s guilt and emotions. In the name of “compassion,” Americans are being told that we must welcome tens of thousands of persecuted people from other countries into our towns and cities, no questions asked.

Of course, that depends on who is being persecuted.

Lela Gilbert is an author who left her home in California and has been living as a journalist in Jerusalem for many years. She has been consistently reporting about the plight of persecuted Christians in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries. In a recent article entitled “The religious cleansing of Iraq’s Christians,” Lela writes:

“And now, as ISIS sweeps through Iraq, an estimated 150,000 have had to flee Mosul and their ancient Christian heartland, some for the second time in a decade.

“Thousands of homeless families have surged into Kurdistan, where they have found provisional shelter and security, thanks to the Kurdish people and their battle-hardened Peshmerga militia.

“Yet, strange as it seems, few in the West are aware of the Iraqi Christians’ plight or their uncertain future.”

Basically, Christians are being given three choices: Convert. Submit to Islam. Or face the sword.

So is the Obama administration truly concerned about persecuted people? What are the criteria for those he deems worthy of help? Have illegal immigrants currently in America been threatened with beheading if they don’t denounce their religion?

I recently spoke with Lela who, luckily, left Israel to visit family in California just before the bombing began.

Ann-Marie Murrell: The Obama administration has been bringing thousands of illegal immigrants into the U.S. Are persecuted Christians in the Middle East also trying to gain entry here?

Lela Gilbert: YES, there are many persecuted Christians filing for asylum via the DHS system. Thousands of Coptic Christians have arrived, and now refugees from Syria’s civil war are seeking help. Doubtless there will soon be a flood of Iraqi Christians following the invasion of ISIS in the Mosul/Nineveh area. Will they all get into the U.S.? Probably many will not. They are admitted on a case-by-case basis, in which they have to prove that they cannot return to their countries at risk of their lives.

Meanwhile, it goes without saying that there is no Israel for persecuted Christians. They have to go wherever they can find help – knocking on doors and praying for a new life.

A-M: You write about brutal attacks, rapes and murders of Coptic Christians throughout the Middle East. We are being told all the people being brought into the U.S. are also fleeing danger. In your opinion, are Christians in the Middle East in less danger than the illegal immigrants in the U.S. now?

LG: The abuse suffered by Christians in the Middle East at the hand of radical Muslims is being categorized as “Religious Cleansing” and even “Genocide.” I know nothing about widespread abuse of Christians in Latin America or Mexico. The widespread denial of religious freedom in Mexico/Central/South America does not compare with the horrendous cruelty that is taking place in the Middle East.

A-M: The title of your book, “Saturday People, Sunday People,” is based on Islamic graffiti that, translated, means “First Islam comes for the Saturday people (Jews) and then the Sunday people (Christians).” It seems they are making good on their promise. Do you believe all of this is happening for caliphate reasons?

LG: The broad vision of a worldwide Pan-Islamic state was Muhammad’s dream in the seventh century. It is the revival of the “golden age” of Islam – when it ruled large portions of the world – that ignites the idea of cleansing of Jews and Christians from Muslim lands. Christians and Jews are infidels and thus impure. They may be permitted to live as second-class citizens under Islamist law, but they have to pay exorbitant taxes and submit to countless Muslim laws.

A-M: The Obama administration seems to be completely turning their back not only on Israel, but all the people you are so strongly trying to bring attention to. Why do you believe this is so?

LG: Obama talks as if he will support Israel to the death (“I’ve got your back”), and he and Kerry speak occasionally in “strongly worded” declarations about the brutalities Christians suffer at the hand of Islamists. But actions speak louder than words. This administration has embraced the Muslim Brotherhood both at home and abroad and is also seeking closer relations with Iran. Obama has also made it clear that America is no longer the so-called police of the world. I don’t foresee this administration doing anything on behalf of the majority of persecuted Christians; there may be isolated cases like that of Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan where the U.S. Embassy finally got involved. As for Israel, although military aid is still provided by Congress, the pressure on Israel from the U.S. is now at times as intense as that applied by the U.N. and the European Union.

Regarding the present conflict in Israel, it will no doubt end with some kind of cease-fire, but will start up again in months or a few years on one of the borders. Before long the tunnel building and the rockets will start up again. Hezbollah has its hands full in Syria right now – they don’t want to take on Israel. Egypt seems to be quietly allying itself with Israel to clean out the Muslim Brotherhood. So Hamas is pushing for whatever it can get out of this Gaza war while it’s got time, including cozying up to Iran.

But Bibi Netanyahu is a warrior himself and does not suffer fools gladly. I think he’ll push this as far as possible to do as much harm to Hamas as possible before international pressure forces him to call the operation to a halt.

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