“Before Israel dies, it must be humiliated and degraded.” That was a statement made by Khaled Meshaal, a leader of Hamas.

The following was received by Israeli citizens in the Binyamin region via text message (after Israel had agreed to a potential ceasefire) and prior to the escalation of Israel’s action to protect its citizens from indiscriminate rocket attacks:

“Your government claimed yesterday that it stopped the battle, but without our consent and meeting our conditions – and it thought we were rash enough to [agree to a] cease-fire. On the contrary, we hurried to strike anywhere in Israel – from Dimona to Haifa – and we made you hide in shelters like mice.

Again, we warn you – if your government does not agree to all of our conditions, then all of Israel will legally remain open to our weapons fire” (Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades).

The al-Quassam Brigade is the same group that stated, “Our battle with the enemy [Israel] continues and will increase in ferocity and intensity.”

There are those who always hasten to blame Israel for any increase in the violence that erupts in the region. The United Nations, including Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and the president of the United States seemingly call on Israel first to refrain from violence. I have yet to see the United Nations and the American hierarchy lay the blame for the continuing unrest in the area at the feet of the Palestinians, who have now made a pact with, and brought into their government, the internationally designated terrorist group Hamas.

According to the BBC:

Hamas “originally had a dual purpose of carrying out an armed struggle against Israel – led by its military wing, the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigades – and delivering social welfare programs. But since 2005, it has also engaged in the Palestinian political process, becoming the first Islamist group in the Arab world to gain power democratically (before forcibly taking control of its stronghold of Gaza). Hamas is designated a terrorist organization by Israel, the U.S., EU, Canada and Japan due to its long record of attacks and its refusal to renounce violence. Under the group’s charter, Hamas is committed to the destruction of Israel.

Remembering that Hamas is now an integral part of the Palestinian Government, some might be interested in these quotes taken from the Hamas charter written in 1987:
The Slogan of the Hamas … reads as follows: “Allah is its goal, the Prophet its model, the Qur’an its constitution, jihad its path, and death for the cause of Allah its most sublime belief.” In addition, the Hamas Charter says that jihad, or holy war, “becomes an individual duty binding on every Muslim man and woman.”

It explicitly abjures negotiated settlements as mechanisms for peaceful coexistence: “There is no other solution for the Palestinian problem other than jihad. All the initiatives and international conferences are a waste of time and a futile game.”

It further calls for the fulfillment of the Quranic scripture, which reads: “The prophet [Muhammad] said: ‘The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!”

It never ceases to amaze how the international media, and our national media in particular, always seem to lay the blame at the doorstep, or should I say the oft-violated border of, Israel. It is also interesting to note that no mention is made by the media of the fact that even during the current conflict, Israel still allows tons of consumer goods, including foodstuffs and gasoline, to cross into Gaza through its security crossings.

The AP news service is quick to highlight the deaths of Palestinians, especially the admittedly tragic deaths of children (who are often used by Hamas as human shields). The same “news” services fail to point out that the reasons there are not more Israeli deaths, from rockets launched into Israel, are the Israeli shelters and Iron Dome intercepts. Somehow, the writers also forget to mention that if there were no rockets being fired and terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens in the first place, there would be an abiding peace in the region.

One final thought: Muslims are brutally murdering other Muslims. One Muslim leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, “was concerned with the brutality al-Baghdadi’s [another Muslim ISIS leader] jihadist group displayed with beheadings, amputations and crucifixions not only against Shiites and Christians but also Sunnis whom al-Baghdadi’s fighters didn’t believe were devout enough.”

Imagine how different it would be in the Middle East if the Palestinians possessed the military might of Israel!

If Muslims so brutally murder other Muslims who they don’t feel are “devout enough,” is it any wonder their leaders claim “Israel must die”?

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