Over the last few months I’ve collected a number of comments with similar sentiments posted on a variety of articles, expressing the futility of correcting the destructive course America is on. Consider these examples:

  • “What do you suggest? I have made literally hundreds, (maybe thousands), of calls, sent faxes, USPS letters and emails to my senators and congressman, and others since 2009.” [1]
  • “I’ve sent messages to every rep here in CA. My hands hurt from all the emails. My eyes hurt staring at the screen for hours … pi–ed off that NO ONE in our state is doing one thing. What do we do now? When is it going to be enough? What has to happen before they take notice?” [2]
  • “The problem is most decent people are hardworking and have all they can do to bring in an income and tend to their family’s needs. Most progressive movements have deadbeats that do nothing but go to protests.” [3]
  • “What can we as Americans do? 1/3 of the people don’t care, 1/3 of the people don’t know (because they are working hard to raise their families), and 1/3 of the people don’t know what we can do. I will ask again: What can we as Americans do? Waiting for 2016 to vote is NOT the answer.” [4]
  • “Not give up? What will you do? Write letters? Make phone calls? Vote? Whine on sites like this? What has that accomplished so far? I can’t help wonder how long it’s going to take for the people to wake up and realize that until 50 million armed citizens march on Washington, NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!! They are sitting there right now eating their beluga caviar, drinking champagne, AND LAUGHING AT US!!!” [5]
  • “While everyday people have been busy putting food on the table and working to makes ends meet, the left has been indoctrinating their kids against their parents’ values for over 100 years.” [6]
  • “I’m sorry, but I consider ‘writing’ or ‘contacting’ your Congress person or Sleazebag Senator (sorry, redundancy) to be a total waste of time. Unless you enclose a check of at least $50,000 your letter/email/phone call won’t get by the buttkisser loser flunky, er, I mean aide, that glances at it looking for the money and finding none, dumps your letter/email/phone call in the trash can.” [7]
  • “What would you like me to do? Lead a march on Washington? I bust my *** every week to support myself and my family. Which utility should I let get shut off while I go running around all over the East Coast? Do you think my landlord would mind if I skipped a couple months of rent to finance this? What will my family eat while I blow every single dime to do … what? I have signed petitions and written my congressmen. What else would you like me to do? Perhaps I should just make up a PTSD claim, quit my job, and go on disability with the rest of them. Then I will have plenty of time to do my congressmen’s JOB!” [8]

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

These comments point out an unavoidable fact: that the responsibilities of mature hardworking people to make a living and provide for their families are in conflict with the time, effort and expense it takes to defend our liberties against a corrupt political body.

Those individuals who try to put the brakes on Washington quickly discover all their efforts are in vain. How many thousands of miles must we travel, marches must we participate in and communications must we make with our elected officials before we realize we can’t do squat to change the course of our nation?

And despite the fact that they were elected to do our will, politicians don’t care about our opinions. All they do is metaphorically stick their fingers in their ears and chant, “La la la la la! I can’t heeeearrrr you!” whenever you ask them to listen. After all, has anyone ever received a letter or phone call from their representative saying, “Gosh, you’re right and I’m wrong. I’ll reverse my position at once and try to change the course of America by convincing others to reverse their policies”? Of course not.

As a typical example, I remember a call I made to one of my Idaho representatives in Boise regarding an important issue. An aide answered the phone. I asked her to communicate my displeasure to the representative. And she started to ARGUE WITH ME. After several minutes of an escalating conversation, I finally snapped, “Your job isn’t to tell me why my opinion is wrong. Your job is to communicate my opinion to your boss!” At that, she hung up.

I seem to remember that at the beginning of the financial crash when the government stated that banks were too big to fail and would need bailouts, millions of people (both Democrats and Republicans) called and wrote their elected representatives. Ninety-six percent were against the bailout. NINETY-SIX PERCENT. And what happened? The banks got bailed out.

Such is our representation.

The problem is that people are still working on the assumption that our elected officials are working for us. How naïve. They’re not. They’re working for the government (meaning themselves), and the government doesn’t like us.

At what point do we give up? At what point do we realize that bashing our heads against a brick wall doesn’t accomplish anything and hurts like crazy? At what point do we decide America is a runaway train and the most effective thing we can do is prepare ourselves and our family for the inevitable crash? Bottom line, many patriotic Americans are getting what I call Liberty Fatigue.

I believe our elected officials are counting on us getting Liberty Fatigue. They want a bunch of tired, stressed, overtaxed, overworked – or alternately, lazy and apathetic – citizens who either can’t or won’t change things. Such people don’t interfere with whatever nefarious plans are being implemented at the highest levels of government.

Those few brave individuals who do manage to agitate the upper echelons find themselves suffering heart attacks or drowning under mysterious conditions or committing suicide via gunshots to the back of the head.

I don’t know what the solution is to Liberty Fatigue. While the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, maybe we’ve been going about it in the wrong way. There simply aren’t enough people who have the endless leisure or money to dedicate their lives to stopping our runaway government.

The truth is, everyone wants liberty, but they want someone else to fight for it. Sadly, I know that I – a 50-ish housewife – can do nothing to stop the destructive path down which our nation is speeding. Nor do I want to dedicate my life to this effort – I have other interests and obligations, such as raising my children and making a living. All I can do is help brace my family, friends and neighbors for impact when the inevitable crash happens … and then hopefully be able to stagger to my feet and help rebuild America from the ruins.

So what’s the answer? I’m open to ideas.

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