AFCSME union protest

AFSCME union protest

Talk-radio king Rush Limbaugh blasted a major government-employee union for its recent criticism of the United Negro College Fund, suggesting the union was treating blacks like “slaves” on “the plantation” to be controlled for political gain.

“Who are the real bad guys here?” Limbaugh asked after the union threatened to cut off the United Negro College Fund, or UNCF, for accepting a $25 million donation from the Koch brothers, the wealthy businessmen whose names have become bywords for bigotry on the left and Democrat Sen. Harry Reid’s favorite bogeymen.

Limbaugh read aloud from a letter sent to the UNCF by the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, or AFSCME union, announcing that it would be “ending its partnership with the United Negro College Fund in September” because it had accepted the donation, most of which is earmarked to provide scholarships for African-American students.

“Remember when the Koch brothers gave $25 million to a New York hospital,” Limbaugh said to his audience, “and the union representing the nurses that work there and a number of other people protested it, because the Koch brothers ‘are a bunch of racists and bigots’ who are ‘just giving this money to cover up who they really are’?”

Yet who appears to be more dedicated to helping African-Americans, Limbaugh asked: the “evil” Koch brothers, or the union?

He contrasted the Koch’s $25 million donation with the paltry “$50,000 to $60,000 a year” the United Negro College Fund receives from the AFSCME.

“What are they supposed to do?” asked Limbaugh. “Stay poor? Or are they supposed to remain beholden to some union?”

That, said Limbaugh, was precisely the point: “Here you have a union, treating the United Negro College Fund as though the union runs the plantation, and the United Negro College Fund, they’re the slaves and they’d better do what the master says.”

The AFSCME “have given the Democratic Party over 60 million between 1990 and 2012,” Limbaugh added as an aside.

He continued, “These are people who will cut off their nose to spite their face. These are people with whom you cannot compromise. These people are lunatics. They are genuinely insane.”

That’s why, Limbaugh explained, the “GOP establishment” is wasting its time calling on conservatives to “reach across the aisle” to those on the left.

“What’s to be gained by trying to reach out and forming some kind of relationship based on cooperation with people like this?” Limbaugh concluded. “It’s a waste of time. They are not meant to be cooperated with. They are meant to be defeated, in the political sense. They’re not worth the time of day.”

Limbaugh’s comments can be heard below:

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