President Obama with  senior adviser Valerie Jarrett and U.N. ambassador Samantha Power

President Obama with National Security Adviser Susan Rice and U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power

President Obama appears reticent to help Israel stamp out Hamas once and for all because his administration is being run by a “Muslim Sisterhood,” nationally syndicated talk-host Michael Savage told his listeners.

With the likes of senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power and National Security Adviser Susan Rice guiding Obama’s foreign policy, America appears to be siding with the Muslim Brotherhood, the movement founded in Egypt in 1928 that seeks to bring the world under Islamic law and has spun off violent jihadist groups such as al-Qaida and Hamas.

It was the Muslim Brotherhood that governed Egypt in the wake of the so-called “Arab Spring” and was ousted in a popular uprising that brought the army to power.

In 2011, Obama called on strongman President Hosni Mubarak, who had outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, to step down and supported the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohamed Morsi.

Morsi began implementing strict Islamic law before 30 million Egyptians took the streets and got rid of him.

Now, Savage told his “Savage Nation” audience, Israel is in a war unlike any other in its history, with Hamas, a spawn of the Brotherhood.

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“For the first time in the history of the Jewish state, they have allies, albeit silent allies, in the form of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” he said.

“I don’t think the average American understand this.”

Most of Israel’s wars, Savage explained, “have been very limited in time, and that’s because, once they started, the U.N. or other factors stepped in and brokered a peace between the major powers.”

“Here, the major powers want Hamas crushed like a bug, wiped out once and for all, because Hamas is a threat to their own nations, not just Israel,” he said.

But the U.S. is working to impose a cease-fire just as Israel is experiencing success in its military effort to stop the rocket attacks by dismantling the Hamas weapons infrastructure and uprooting the tunnels used to smuggle weapons and terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip.

The parent Muslim Brotherhood wanted to turn Egypt into an Islamic dictatorship, Savage recalled, and if not for the army, it would have succeeded.

But in all of this, Obama was on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood, he said.

“You would have thought he would have had a greater sense of destiny and history and humanity,” Savage said of Obama. “But, no, he was on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood; and he’s on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood in the form of the rebels in Syria.”

That’s why, Savage said, “I not-so-jokingly say that it’s the Muslim Sisterhood inside the White House that’s running this country,” referring to Jarrett, regarded at the most powerful person in the White House, next to Obama, and her ideologically progressive colleagues.

“There are many things going on in the U.S. military that cannot be explained other than trying to figure out retroactively who might be making these decisions against the interests of America,” he said.

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Savage cited the old adage that life must be lived forward but can only be understood backwards.

“Looking backward,” Savage said. “I would say that my not-so-comedic analogy of the Muslim Sisterhood running America is no so crazy.”

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