Every now and then, in my ongoing interchange with my friends on Facebook, a comment on one of the links I’ve posted calls for a reply that pithily summarizes an important point in a way I think will be of general interest to my readers here or at my blog. In this case the point of interest has to do with the way in which the call of good faith, moving us to “get right” with God, relates to the vocation of citizenship, which in our present crisis calls us to action against those who are attacking our liberty and other God-endowed rights.

This is especially timely in light of “Dr. No” Boehner’s response to the rising tide of reaction against the Obama faction’s lawless, anti-constitutional assault on the sovereignty of the American people, and especially the borders that define their jurisdiction as a nation. There comes a point at which the refusal to put the nation’s survival above all calculations of narrow political gain confirms complicity in the assault against it. Isn’t it becoming more evident every day that John Boehner and his comrades in the GOP’s elitist faction leadership passed that point long ago?


Hello, Dr. Keyes. Even if the House were to impeach … you’d never get the Senate to convict. … What’s the point when the corruption extends into both parties and into both houses? Perhaps the following should be our main goal; we as a people MUST return to a loving relationship with God … we as a people MUST return to virtue. Is this not far more important than “the impeachment field – ripe for the harvest”?


In everything I write and everything I do my aim is to encourage people of faith to act like it when it comes to their vocation as citizens. This is why I have constantly emphasized that our first order of business as American citizens is to remember and apply the principles on which our nation is founded, starting with the self-evident truth that we “are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.”

However, achieving this goal cannot be a matter of lip-service to faith. From the first, Christ preached repentance. If we talk about the need to return to God and yet refuse to turn to Him, even in the hour of our greatest need, we are not repentant. Indeed, we act like an obese person who talks about losing weight but who will not turn away from overeating and idleness and back to the standard of healthy living in order to do so.

Repentance is a work of God’s grace, by which His Spirit renews within us the activity of life, much as it did when it mingled with the man of dust in order that he should become a living soul. By this renewal of life God calls us to return to Him, through the way of truth and life that He has prepared and offered us for our salvation. We signify our acceptance of His offer when we walk in this way, not when we talk about the need to do so and then let the deceitful cavils of fear paralyze our goodwill.

As for your point about the U.S. Senate, I would respectfully ask that before drawing conclusions about what I am saying you actually read through what I write and have written about impeachment and the Pledge To Impeach Mobilization. It is all about gathering the political will needed to use the 2014 midterm elections to change the situation in Congress by leveraging the votes of the large and growing number of citizens who agree that Obama and all those collaborating with him must be removed from office, using the means the U.S. Constitution provides.

As I have repeatedly indicated in my writings and speeches, achieving this goal requires an exercise of good faith. In terms of American politics, this means standing together in faith upon our nation’s founding principles. It means joining together to use our voting power to demand the same good faith from those who seek our electoral support. It means gathering together to demonstrate our political will in a way that impels candidates for national office in the 2014 election to pledge unequivocally that they will implement the Constitution’s provisions for the impeachment and removal of civil officers of the U.S. government whom they find guilty of abusing its powers in order to dissolve and destroy both that government and sovereignty of the people by whose rightful authority it exists.

I urge you to visit the Pledge to Impeach website. I urge you conscientiously to ponder the cogent facts and reasoning you will find there. I urge you to commit yourself to the Pledge to impeach mobilization effort. I urge you thereafter to encourage all the like-minded people you know and can influence to do the same.

Do this as an act of good faith, predicated upon the principles of America’s independence as a nation. Do this as a prayer to the Creator God whose authority over justice those principles acknowledge. Do this so that once again our nation may deserve to enjoy the blessings of that God-endowed liberty which has been, and by our faithfulness may yet continue to be, our common hope; our common life; our common good.

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