With advocates of President Obama’s open-borders policy criticizing opponents for lacking “compassion,” WND has launched a petition to Congress that spells out the horrific impact of the resulting flood of illegal aliens, not only on the 300 million people of all ethnic backgrounds who are citizens of the U.S, but on the immigrants themselves.

The petition demands the U.S. Congress “secure the U.S.-Mexico border now, before America is permanently transformed by a lawless president into a dangerous, crime-and-disease-infested Third World country.”

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Citing President Reagan’s warning that a “nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation,” the petition charges Obama “is singlehandedly and illegally disregarding America’s immigration laws and not just allowing, but actively encouraging, hundreds of thousands of new illegal aliens to flood into the U.S. across our southern border.”

Lured largely by Obama’s deferred deportation policy, some 57,000 mostly unaccompanied minors have come to the U.S. border in recent months, overwhelming the Department of Homeland Security’s resources and those of many of the cities across the nation where they are settled. As WND reported over the weekend, many of the illegal aliens have declared, “Obama will take care of us,” and a congressman who observed the chaos on the border concluded Obama “is begging to be impeached.”

The petition says that “by intentionally luring multitudes of Central American children to make the treacherous journey across Mexico to the U.S., to be preyed upon by sexual predators, drug cartels, cutthroat coyotes and bandits – during which time, large numbers of both girls and boys are being raped – Obama is demonstrating shocking and unconscionable cruelty to children.”

It lists many other consequences of the illegal-alien surge, including the dead bodies found along the Rio Grande, the entry of members of the notorious ultra-violent gang MS-13 and the crimes, including homicide, committed against U.S. citizens.

The White House, the petition notes, “openly admits Obama is preparing to singlehandedly legalize some 5 million illegals by executive action, prompting U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to speak for most Americans in accusing Obama of conspiring to effectively ‘nullify’ the immigration laws of the United States.”

The petition also points out the terror threat as citizens of countries such as Yemen, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan enter illegally.

Whatever Obama’s motive, the petition says – whether it be enlarging the Democratic Party voting base, righting past “wrongs” or advancing his agenda of radical transformation – he is doing it ” at the cost of the lives, health, wellbeing and sanity of tens of thousands of children, many of whom have now been traumatized, exploited, sexually abused and recruited into gangs.”

In light of all that, the petition demands that Congress enforce the nation’s laws and secure the borders immediately.

“Failing that, if Congress refuses to do its duty to protect the nation in this most fundamental way – by halting what amounts to an invasion – then it falls to the individual states to do the job,” the petition says.

“Members of Congress, You have all sworn a solemn oath to uphold the Constitution. This president despises that Constitution and it shows in everything he does. We urge you to find the courage of your deepest convictions and boldly come to the rescue of your nation, before it is too late.”

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