If we can say anything about Barack Obama, the guy has chutzpah!

You may have missed this.

There’s a presidential race in Afghanistan with claims of fraud regarding vote counts.

Obama has taken the unusual step of involving the United States in that election, warning candidates to let the fraud investigation continue and, according to the Associated Press, “threatening a cutoff in U.S. aid if ‘extra-constitutional measures’ are taken.”

How’s that for the pot calling the kettle black?! Obama, the master of taking “extra-constitutional” measures whenever it suits him, warns others to avoid them!

Then, what about border problems?

What border?

Weren’t we told there are more Border Patrol agents than ever and that the border is more secure than ever?

Yes, we were told that, but it wasn’t – isn’t – true.

We’re now in the midst of the biggest invasion of this country in history – thousands of illegals swarming into the country across our southern border – and we act as though they have a right to be here.

It’s an out-of-control situation that’s been assisted and accommodated by the Obama administration.

This isn’t immigration needing fine tuning; it’s pure invasion, aided and abetted by the Mexican government, which in a deal with Guatemala allows illegals to cross their territory and enter our country illegally.

Why do we continue military and financial aid to Mexico when it blatantly breaks our laws?

We bend over and ask it to kick us.

No wonder no one respects us.

I am royally sick and tired of the lies and obfuscations from Washington – from the Oval Office on down.

Barack Obama treats his job as though it’s something to fit in between vacations, golf games and photo ops designed to show him as just one of the guys but a really nice guy even though he’s president.

Quite frankly, I don’t want the president of the United States – the president of my country – to be “one of the guys.”

I don’t want him regarded as a street buddy to everyday Joes.

Obama clearly isn’t, but he attempts to play that role so the average guy can “relate” to him.

How else do you explain his beer-drinking, pool-playing, surf-splashing, golfing, bike-riding efforts to appear casual?

In reality, he doesn’t look the part, doesn’t dress the part and certainly looks more than uncomfortable.

Bottom line: Barack Obama is a bad actor; he can’t pull off the act to be what he’s not.

I want the president of my country to be strong morally and intellectually, and strong in his appreciation of the importance of his job. He’s not president to be a rock star. He’s not there to win popularity contests because he’s a fun guy – whether or not he drinks beer or used drugs.

He was elected to an office to lead the strongest nation on earth, the country that’s the leader of the free world – indeed, a world that enjoys freedom because of what this country has done.

Unfortunately, Barack Hussein Obama – yes that is his given name – has made it his goal to knock the U.S. down several pegs and to weaken us militarily and economically.

He’s done that and continues the efforts while he’s also caused our allies to mistrust and doubt us and has created situations where avowed enemies – Islamist terrorists – feel free to threaten us with total destruction.

Has Obama refuted such goals and stated our position to never let such a thing happen?


Why has he allowed us to be belittled and threatened and not defended our right to power and to self-defense?

Why does he never mention that militant Islam is an enemy of our freedom?

Why does he treat Israel like an unwanted relative when its very existence is threatened by the Mideast violence that Obama has enabled to fester and boil?

We’re faced with terrorists who, we are told, have weapons of mass destruction they got from Iraq.

Wait! I thought we were told that there were no WMDs in Iraq. Remember how Bush was accused of lying? Now, we’re told the militants captured the WMDs that were there all along.

Now who’s lying?

What about Egypt? And Iraq? And Syria? And Iran? And Libya?

The Middle East is ready to explode.

And Afghanistan?

Oh, that’s right, the administration tells us that war is over.

Who won?

Oh, that’s right: In Obama’s world, wars are not fought to be won, just ended, whatever that means.

Pity that the dead are still dead and the maimed live on to continue their battles for survival in Obama’s Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

They’re in the midst of another war, and again the administration plays politics.

In Life Magazine, Theodore H. White wrote of John F. Kennedy and referred to a speech on election eve 1960 at the Boston Garden.

“He extended his hand, pointed the long forefinger in summons and said, ‘I run for the presidency of the United States because it is the center of action and, in a free society, the chief responsibility of the president is to set before the American people the unfinished business of our country.'”

“This was the essence of his presidency.”

How sad for us (the U.S.) that we can’t say the same of the man who is president today.

The only thing Obama sets before us is his own unfinished business, which seems to be the dismantling of the United States on more levels than we can count.

As long as I’m quoting Democrat presidents, I’ll add Harry Truman, from Dec. 20, 1946:

“Great republics of the past always passed away when their peoples became prosperous, fat and lazy and were not willing to assume their responsibilities.”

That’s us.

The U.S.

That’s Obama.

God help us.

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