You have to be extraordinarily ignorant or gullible to believe that the chaos on the southwest border is an accident of history or the unexpected byproduct of a well-meaning act of Congress back in 2008. Just the opposite is true.

The current “surge” in border crossings by families and unaccompanied children is about as unexpected and unplanned as the expansion of Medicaid enrollments under Obamacare. Both are the logical and predictable results of Obama policies.

This chaos is having only one unexpected consequence – it is generating a spontaneous public backlash against Obama’s immigration policies and has taken amnesty “off the table” for this session of Congress. To be sure, that was unplanned and unexpected. But the arrival on our border of hundreds of thousands of families and unaccompanied children was both expected and invited by Obama’s policies. They planned this “humanitarian crisis” with the expectation it would add pressure on Congress to pass amnesty legislation.

If anyone doubts this, just ask this question. Did the Obama administration take even a single step between January and June to discourage this mass invasion or to ask the governments in Central America to halt their facilitation and encouragement of this “migration”? No, they did not. Every statement by President Obama or DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson was to encourage families in Central America to believe their children would be accommodated, not deported.

Even now, as public opposition mushrooms into outrage, and as a growing number of state governors declare their sovereign lands off limits to the planned federal dumping of 100,000 children into local communities, the Obama administration is still accommodating the arrival of the new populations, not stopping it.

Obama is asking Congress for $3.7 billion NOT to halt or turn back the wave but to warehouse the children. Less than 10 percent of that proposed funding would go to the Border Patrol to actually strengthen border security. Fortunately, for once, Republican leaders in the House appear to be balking at this ridiculous proposal and insisting on more efforts aimed to turning back the flow, not making it more “manageable.”

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The mushrooming citizen revolt against the government’s complicity in the invasion is reminiscent of the spontaneous revolt against the Bush amnesty proposals of 2004-2007. The defeat of two Senate amnesty bills in 2006 and 2007 was due to a grass-roots revolt, and that is happening again. When the Minutemen posted 2,000 volunteers on the southwest border and shamed the media into covering the story of our porous borders, the American public woke up. When the people began to make their views known, the amnesty plans so carefully prepared by the political elites in Washington were shelved.

This is not the first time the “plight of poor children” has been used by the amnesty lobby as pawns in political warfare. The amnesty lobby not only welcomes this wave of humanity crossing our border, they encourage and facilitate it with federal grant dollars to churches and other nonprofits who are asked to take in the new arrivals. Never mind that the money could have gone to other urgent humanitarian purposes where true victims of butchery and civil war have sought our help.

The ugly truth is that the open borders advocates in both parties have been shameless in their manipulation of “humanitarian values” to push the amnesty agenda. They have time and again used the plight of poor children in Central and South America as a ploy to generate sympathy for illegal border trafficking. They work hard to obscure the fact that the large majority of the children crossing the border in 2014 are not orphans, not homeless, and not fleeing political persecution. They are arriving because they have been led to believe they will be accepted and not deported.

Yes, it is true: We all understand that by American standards, there is horrible poverty and lawlessness in many Latin American countries. It is understandable why people would want to flee those conditions and why mothers and fathers in those places would like to see their children grow up in a better place. But those same conditions exist in dozens of countries across Africa and Asia.

Must we accommodate the 100 million or more children who soon will show up on our borders if we begin accommodating them in the name of humanitarian values? We should be thankful that commercial airlines place conditions on international travel by unaccompanied minors, or our 200 international airports, from Orlando to Spokane and Oakland to Detroit, would see a similar wave of arrivals from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Ukraine, Lebanon, Singapore and Nairobi.

But, hold on. The “solution” to this “crisis” begins with honesty. This “crisis at the border” is a planned event, not an accident of history. This is not about an unstoppable wave of human migration; it is about the plans and desires of Barack Obama and the America left to make the United States look more like the rest of the world.

Americans are already delivering a resounding “No!” to that agenda, and by “No!” they mean establishing genuine border security as a precondition for serious immigration reform.

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