Either the folks at Barack Obama’s political action committee Organizing for Action have a sense of humor or they have acknowledged that their hero is in the White House to serve the interests of a radical, Saul Alinksy-style transformation of America from the top down.

I think we can rule out the sense of humor possibility.

I got an email this week from Organizing for Action. I get a lot of them. They are cleverly disguised solicitations for the endless political campaign Obama has run from the White House – even when he faces no more elections in his future, at least none that would be lawful.

This new email was a little bit different from the others OFA has sent over the years. It asked Obama’s fans to choose one of three electronic birthday cards to send their hero in time for Aug. 4 – the date Obama claims as his birth date, but, of course, no one really knows. But that’s another story altogether.

What was interesting about this particular pitch was one of the choices for salutations: “Happy Birthday to the Organizer in Chief.”


“Organizer in Chief”?

Isn’t that one of the derisive titles pinned on Obama by his harshest critics?

Isn’t that what Rush Limbaugh calls him?

Isn’t that what I call him?

Doesn’t the origin of that term come from Obama’s devotion to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” the bible of radical, left-wing community organizing?

In fact, doesn’t the new hit movie “America” by Dinesh D’Souza focus quite a bit of attention on Obama’s Alinskyite community organizing roots and how he has carried this brand of activism and incitement right into the White House?

Yes to all of the above.

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So why would Obama’s very own political action committee be embracing the cheeky slur against the “commander in chief”?

It’s an admission. It’s immunization. It’s a contemptuous non-repudiation of the truth. It’s classic Alinskyism on display.

Remember, Obama’s goal is to divide the U.S. into classes. It’s an Alinsky strategy. Just read the book. Every liberty-minded America should understand its principles inside-out, because it is a blueprint for the “fundamental transformation of America,” as Obama admitted in a candid moment of campaign frenzy and exhilaration.

Because the goal is division – which seems counterintuitive for a president – Obama doesn’t mind confirming the indictments against him by his enemies. His only objective is to fire up his formidable base of the victim class he has helped to expand. He would prefer they think of himself as “organizer in chief.” That’s better than “commander-in-chief,” because he would then have to justify his assassination of thousands of people all over the world, including some American citizens, through drone attacks. Obama has targeted for assassination far more people through drone attacks and killed far more innocent civilians than did George W. Bush. That’s something Obama would prefer not to explain to his base.

“Community organizer in chief” is far more palatable to his base than “assassin in chief,” don’t you think?

So there you have it.

Many Americans still think of Obama as a bumbling, stumbling fool who somehow landed in the White House only through the blunders of his hapless opponents. They think of him as incompetent. They think of him as ignorantly promoting policies that won’t work.


It’s all calculated. And he’s not dumb. He’s also not alone in steering this movement. He’s got powerful allies who have his back, his front and both sides.

He doesn’t care what you think of him.

He doesn’t care that 50 percent or more of America detest his policies.

He doesn’t care about anything but achieving the goals he set out long ago to achieve.

And that goal is best described as “the fundamental transformation of America.”

That’s what the “community organizer in chief” is all about.

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