Capitalism is the crux of America’s economy. The free-enterprise system has been a mainstay of American culture since its inception. For centuries, Americans have proudly passed down to the next generation the valuable model of entrepreneurship and capitalism as a worthy, fulfilling and American aspiration. But the greatest country on earth faces foes from within her borders that directly fight against sound economic principles and the freedom afforded by those principles that have made America a beacon of hope for millions of Americans.

Every generation endured its share of “America bashers,” people who find fault with and hate on America because of her exceptionalism. Typical bashers include liberal politicians, elitist socialist college professors and Hollywood A-listers. They often defame individualism and capitalism and deride the very freedoms and opportunities that enabled them to arrive at their station in life.

Of these liberal/socialist pickings is anti-capitalist movie producer Michael Moore. Moore has used filmmaking to trumpet his moronic message that capitalism is evil. However, Moore, quite literally, made an “evil” fortune – to the tune of $50 million – by bashing our free-enterprise system and tweeted to his followers that “capitalism is a crime.” Twitchy reported that “Over the last [four] years, Moore has called for revolution, demanded that rich people be arrested and thrown in jail, called for a 50 percent top marginal tax rate and frequently expressed his own hatred and disgust with the United States.”

One freedom-loving, Reaganomics filmmaker is taking Moore (and Obama) to task.

Chattanooga native Melanie Tipton is producing a documentary extolling the virtues of capitalism while decrying Moore’s socialist hateful propaganda against capitalism.

Melanie’s “Journey Through Chattanoogaville” documentary will show the rigors of a small-business owner persevering in today’s weak economy. Tipton is the owner of Soar On The Wings Of Eagles and is the executive producer of the documentary. She has over 15 years of television broadcast experience and is a first place Associated Press award-winning television sportscaster.

Tipton states, “This documentary will be the opposite of liberal Michael Moore’s propaganda film against capitalism. Our documentary is going to promote the greatness of America through the eyes of capitalism. The answer to America’s struggling economy is returning to Ronald Reagan’s economic policies known as Reaganomics. The documentary will show that government does not drive economic growth; instead, growth comes from the private sector.”

And on Obama, Tipton says, “Our own president declared in 2008 the ‘fundamental transformation of the nation’ – aka socialism – and in recent years has stated that free-market capitalism and individual entrepreneurship does not and never has worked successfully for America and its people. And let’s not forget Obama’s famous rant during an election campaign event in 2012 to people who create and build businesses: ‘If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.’ Tell that to the SBE, which reports that in 2011 ’employer firms with less than 20 workers made up 89.8 percent’ of the economy, and ‘non-employer firms with less than 20 employees’ made up 98 percent.”

Tipton continues, “After hearing Obama’s words and seeing America on its destructive path, anyone can see the objective is to move America away from a nation built on individual liberty and economic freedom and toward a government welfare and dependency state.”

According to Tipton, “The three demographics that have been hurt the worst under Obama’s economic policies are single women, minorities and young people. That’s why a documentary on capitalism is needed in America to counteract the socialist message that the far left, including Michael Moore and Obama, are selling these days. America is built on capitalism, and that’s what makes the United States great and sets it apart from other countries. We will show in this documentary that capitalism and free enterprise are the backbone of America.”

She continues, “This documentary will help show the world that President Obama and his leftist agenda is wrong. It will prove that capitalism and individual entrepreneurship does work, and striving to live the American dream can still be accomplished through hard work and determination.”

Currently, our economy under Obama is suffering, but the president blames Republicans for not supporting his proposals for a higher minimum wage or extending unemployment benefits. The president’s proposals do not reflect Reaganomics – which was the greatest economic policy ever. Instead, Obama’s proposals are detrimental to small business owners – which make up almost 50 percent of the GDP – and advocate prolonged government dependency. Obama-NO-mics touts Obamacare as sound economic policy, when in reality Obamacare is a job killer. Obamacare increases cost, provides fewer doctors and offers less health care for women.

America needs a return to Reaganomics or this vicious cycle of liberal socialist sellout of America will set us in a permanent place of no return. Tipton’s documentary is a ray of hope pointing to a Reaganomics recovery, starting in Chattanooga and hopefully spreading far and wide.

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