Knowing Barack Obama’s penchant for gratuitously starting political brush fires to keep his political adversaries off balance, it occurred to me recently that might be behind the border crisis he plotted.

Of course there could be many motivations for luring tens of thousands, eventually perhaps hundreds of thousands, of impoverished Central Americans to the U.S.:

  • building a permanent and bigger underclass constituency base for the Democratic Party;
  • creating more chaos in the U.S. by following the Cloward-Piven strategy;
  • inciting those he considers his real “enemies” – the tea party movement and conservatives;
  • wooing the Hispanic vote in major urban areas;
  • fast-tracking his plans for a “North American Union” that spreads misery as opposed to building a freer and more prosperous U.S.;
  • all of the above.

But, it occurs to me that one of the side effects of the border crisis has been ever-so-slightly to blunt the focus on another impeachable offense – the use of the Internal Revenue Service to target political enemies, along with a massive, orchestrated, blatant, in-your-face cover-up of epic proportions.

It raises the question in my mind as to whether the wheels were set in motion for this “invasion” months ago when the administration realized it could be caught red-handed in a scandal that even liberals would have difficulty justifying. Maybe that’s when the hard drives started spontaneously crashing and exploding and getting shredded. Maybe that’s when the plan to open the borders was hatched to divert attention from what would become an obvious scandal even the adoring media would have difficulty ignoring.

Americans have difficulty keeping track of all the scandals of the Obama administration. They can make your head spin. One day it’s Benghazi, the next day it’s the IRS, the next it’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, the next it’s illegally using executive orders to rewrite immigration laws. There are hundreds of other smoking guns – but not enough curious watchdogs to document them all.

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Remember, Obama is not a leader in the traditional sense. He’s not a president in any sense – at least as we have known that office in the past. He’s a community organizer who counts on demonizing his opponents, playing the victim, blaming, as he did last week, “the unjust status quo,” as if he is an outside in Washington rather than the occupant of the White House for the last five and a half years.

I’ve never thought Obama’s decisions were haphazard, unplanned, unscripted and without purpose – just irresponsible, reckless, un-American, extra-constitutional and evil.

And that’s why I raise the question.

More and more critical observers are suggesting Obama wants Republicans to move toward impeachment. It is as if he is daring them to do so. Maybe he recognizes the party’s timid national leadership is reticent to take him on in any meaningful way. Maybe he hopes the midterm election damage will be less severe if the Republican base throws up its hands in frustration over having no meaningful alternative. Maybe he just wants to introduce more confusion and chaos into American politics. Maybe the border crisis is yet another attempt to play the race card that has been his trump card since he ran for president.

Whatever it is, America is paying a big price right now for electing and re-electing this fraud, this impostor, this demagogue.

The world is on fire: Russia has cover to take Ukraine. Hamas is attempting to escalate its attacks on Israel into a broader war involving Hezbollah and Iran. Airliners are disappearing without explanation and getting shot down. Christians are being eradicated from the Middle East as an Islamic terror army tries to re-enact the triumph of an eighth-century blitzkrieg.

And, of course, Obama continues to blame his predecessor for the ills of a moribund economy, rather than his national socialist policies including, but not limited to, Obamacare.

I throw all this out there.

It’s unprecedented.

America has never witnessed anything like this before in 230 years. Maybe no nation has.

It’s rare that the titular leader of a nation is its own worst enemy – by design.

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