Re: “America: No longer 1 nation, 1 people”

Mr. Buchanan, I agree.

I am a Jew. My ancestors came to America in the 1880s and 1890s from Russia, Austria and England. They were proud and grateful to come here.

Like all European immigrants of that time, as you point out, they came here to be Americans – to embrace America, its traditions, its culture, language. While they kept some of their culture (as all cultures did), they left some of it at the shores for the privilege of being American. They assimilated, and did so eagerly. It was a very different mindset.

People didn’t come here with grievances, and that isn’t what they passed down to their kids. We were taught how lucky and blessed we were to be Americans and that no nation in the history of the world ever treated us so fairly and bestowed so much freedom. I cannot fathom how far the values of so many in my community have strayed from the values I was raised with – this adopting of artificial grievance.

Keep making sense.

Mark Fishbein

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