OK, so I have said, “We think they think like we think” on more than one occasion, but until we fully grasp the concept of differing thought postures, vis-a-vis Islam, the West will find itself at a serious disadvantage in any controversy that involves armed conflict. As a general rule, Western civilization values human life except until recently and in certain political arenas, like abortions.

Because of this posture, we tend to hold those who are “on our side” to the same standards. A prime example of this is what is happening in Israel at the moment. The Jews, especially because of the Holocaust, place great value on human life, up to and including the treatment of those Palestinians who seek to kill them.

The Jews still allow tons of foodstuffs, fresh water, gasoline and other essentials through their security checkpoints into Gaza. Palestinians, on a recurring basis, are transported through security checkpoints into Israeli hospitals for treatment; the cause of the injury or medical problem is not taken into consideration since it is a purely humanitarian response to human need.

Many in the West make a grave and tragic error in their continuing insistence that it is almost solely the responsibility of Israel to “make peace with her neighbors.” This is exacerbated by the failure (or refusal) of the media to report both sides of the story. Israel has made, and continues to make, every reasonable attempt to negotiate a mutually acceptable, beneficial-to-both-sides peace with the Palestinians. However, Israel rightly insists that any peace treaty would provide for the security of its citizens.

Let me offer one or two brief examples in support of my position. Hamas (and now perhaps ISIS) regularly and indiscriminately fires rockets into Israel in an attempt to kill Jews (men, women and children). Only the Israeli early warning system, and Iron Dome system, prevents greater carnage.

Let the record show, as Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out, that Hamas “embeds its terrorists (and weapons factories) in hospitals, schools, mosques and apartment buildings throughout the Gaza Strip.” Hamas, and other terrorists, hide behind Palestinian women and children while firing rockets at Israeli women and children who live in Tel Aviv, Sderot, Beer Sheba and Haifa.

I was in Israel during a rocket attack, and we hastily pulled into a building with a covered drive- through and I heard the blasts while awaiting the all-clear siren. A friend of mine, also an American citizen, was knocked to the ground by an explosion, as he dashed into a bomb shelter (which our ministry helps provide: BenKinchlow.com). This is almost daily life for many Israelis.

I have a couple of questions: First, how would you suggest the U.S. government react if Mexico were firing rockets into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas on an almost daily basis (almost 13,000 since 2001), killing dozens and wounding thousands of American citizens (including your family members) simply because it claims Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California are still a part of Mexico? Second, what do you think it would be like for the Jewish people if the situation were reversed – say Hamas and the Palestinians (instead of Israel) had what is probably the best trained, best equipped, most powerful military in the Middle East?

In addition, as has been pointed out, Hamas deliberately situates its rocket launchers and weapons factories in crowded Palestinian neighborhoods. Believe it or not, Israel, with remarkable restraint and concern for human life, actually makes phone calls, sends text messages and even drops leaflets to advise Palestinian civilians of pending retaliatory attacks on these areas. Yet here is an example of the Islamic terrorists’ compassion: When Israel informs the Palestinians of an impending air or missile strike, the local Hamas leadership encourages and/or rounds up people to rush into the aforementioned target areas.

In the West, especially among those on the left, there is a failure (or refusal) to acknowledge a simple fact: The Palestinians do not have the same regard for any human life (including their own) as do the adherents of Western civilization.

In support of this position, here is some shocking information reported by CBN News:

In his latest book, “Financing the Flames,” New York Times bestselling author Edwin Black details how the Palestinian Authority rewards terrorists who have killed Israelis.

“As soon as a terrorist commits an act of terrorism against an innocent civilian in Israel – whether that’s cutting the throat of a child or stabbing a man standing at a bus or blowing up a building,” Black said, “as soon as that man does that, he goes on a special salary from the Palestinian Authority, under Palestinian law – a law known as the Law of the Prisoner.'”

The more Israelis killed, the bigger the financial reward.

“‘He gets a graduated salary depending on how heinous the crime is,” Black continued. “If he kills five people and gets five years, he gets one salary. If he kills double that number and gets double the sentence, he gets double the salary. And so this actually incentivizes the misery, mayhem, and carnage that the terrorists commit.”

Black told CBN News this is a long held policy. He spent time on the ground interviewing Israeli and Palestinian officials and found that the PA does not hide this cash-for-killers program.

“There’s an entire ministry, called the Palestinian Ministry of Prisoners, that actually oversees the distribution of this money and there is its counterpart in the civilian sector known as the Prisoner’s Club,” Black explained.

“Now this money constitutes some of the best salaries in the Palestinian Authority,” he continued. “So you can literally go from poverty to wealth in the Palestinian Authority by committing an act of terrorism.

“This amounts to about 6 percent of the Palestinian budget,” he said. “This money is paid on a priority basis. You can make as much as $3,000 or $4,000 a month while in prison just for committing this act of terrorism.”

According to Black, some of the money can be tracked back to American taxpayers because the U.S. currently provides $400 million per year to the Palestinian Authority.

“There’s a law against any of our money benefiting terrorism,” Black said. “But in point of fact, approximately 6 percent of all the money we fund to the Palestinian Authority is probably diverted by them to fund terrorists’ salaries.”

“The money comes. It goes right to the prisoner. The prisoner signs a P.O.A. – a power of attorney. He transmits that money to his bank account, to his lawyer, to his girlfriend, to his family, to his mother, to his organization,” he explained.

“And this is the system we have in place. Our State Department knows it. Our administration knows it.”

Here is a video of a) Palestinian leaders informing the media of this strategy, b) dragging children into an area from which Palestinians are firing at Israelis and c) a Palestinian leader exhorting, extolling and advocating death for his followers.

As long as we refuse to recognize the truth of the statement, “They don’t think like we think,” we are opening the door to even greater tragedy. The simple truth is, they think very differently, as publicly expressed by this member of the Palestinian parliament, Fathi Haman, who praises the women and children who form human shields, even after being forewarned by Israel, “It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy; ‘We desire death like you desire life.'”

Get it? They do not think like we think.

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