Former Missouri Congressman Todd Akin is out with a new book, “Firing Back”, taking on Democrats, the news media and the political elites for the distortions and double standards under which he charges they operate.

And the Republican Party for the way it left him for dead in the heat of the 2012 election.

Breaking his silence after nearly two years, Akin said he apologized for his comments about “legitimate rape” because he never meant to demean women or minimize the seriousness of rape.

“Our only real choice was to apologize…for the perception that it created,” Akin told the Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax, noting his campaign did not have the financial war chest to wage the aggressive defense he would have liked during the media fire storm.

He was seeking the Missouri U.S. Senate seat at the time, and had been leading Democrat and eventual winner Claire McCaskill.

Akin contrasted how the media treated his comments with how former President Bill Clinton was received when he gave the keynote speech at the Democrats’ convention two weeks later.

“Here you’ve got Bill Clinton, a long history of sexual abuse, and what do they do? They’re clapping; they’re applauding this guy. Now that’s a Democrat War on Women.”

See Akin’s full answer:

Akin sees the media behaving in the same way today as they dodge and weave covering Hillary Clinton’s past work as a defense lawyer for a man she believed to be guilty of raping a 12-year-old girl.

“[Hillary] confounds the 12-year-old girl’s testimony by making fun of her, and then in an interview she’s laughing about how she got this rapist off the hook… I think the media’s just got it totally backwards.”

Akin said he believes the media should be presenting the truth, not covering up facts in order to favor certain candidates or push their own agenda.

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The GOP abandoned him, Akin believes, because leaders feared the media would engage in guilt by association, thus tying Akin to the party and dooming it at the ballot box. This fear, and the surrender that followed, is a problem Akin believes Republicans will have to overcome if they ever want to win politically.


“If you’re trying to advance good ideas… you never advance them by backing down from things that are just plain wrong, from people who are hiding evil and telling lies. You never can advance it unless you stand up.”

Akin is concerned that the GOP and Republican elites will continue to ignore primary election results, trying to select rather than elect candidates.

“There is a certain arrogance in that. They think they know who the best candidate is. I believe that the Republican primary voters after a year and a half on the campaign trail can pick the best person to run,” he said.

Despite being abandoned by the party, Akin hasn’t left the GOP and hopes that the party recaptures control of the Senate in the election this fall.

“Our country is a disaster in all kinds of areas,” Akin said referring to Obama administration policies. “We have to take this country back.”

Get your copy of “Firing Back”

WND recently reported that a number of research studies corroborate Akin’s ideas that pregnancy from rape is rare and the stress induced by a rape experience may influence the chances of pregnancy.

The new fertility studies essentially reveal that stress in males and females both inhibits pregnancy, but the media still have not linked the results to Akin’s comments.

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