obama_over_shoulderMichael Savage

Impeachment has become a hot topic among conservatives in the Beltway and beyond. Dr. Savage stated his case: “I believe we should impeach Obama. It doesn’t matter whether Harry Reid lets a motion to impeach go forward or not. Merely bringing the charge of impeachment will slow down if not stop Obama’s agenda entirely.”

Savage reminded his audience that he’d “called for this a few months ago, long before Sarah Palin did” (Free audio).

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Meanwhile, in England, “Some university professors are arguing that pedophilia is natural and normal for males,” Savage informed his listeners this week, after news broke about a bizarre academic conference that took place in the U.K.

To those who’d shrug off this event as the ravings of a tiny minority, Savage countered, “If I’d told you 50 years ago that there would be a thing called ‘gay marriage,’ you would have called me crazy.

“The very same people who redefine what is acceptable in our society are now demanding that pedophilia be redefined as something normal,” he warned (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

A caller to Limbaugh’s show claimed that parishioners at her Catholic church in California were not only being pressured to take in “refugees” streaming across the border with Mexico, but were also being told not to talk to the media about it.

Her husband, a physician, then warned about the dangers of accepting so many “immigrants” who have obvious healthy problems.

Limbaugh made a piercing point:
“Young people are taught that this is what Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims and all of the white Europeans who settled in this country and eventually founded it, they brought all [these diseases] in. ‘So who are you, doctor, to complain about a little disease coming in because this is not the first time it’s happened?’ That’s what they would say to you if you called a liberal talk show, if you could find one.”

Meanwhile, the Obama administration, says Limbaugh, has been reduced to nothing more than a series of photo ops.

“This guy is nothing but photo ops,” the radio host complained. “Photo ops with kids, photo ops that illustrate that he’s not governing, that he’s removed,” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

The liberal media are up in arms about the murder of a Palestinian teenager, but veteran Middle East reporter Aaron Klein cautions that there may be more to this so-called “revenge” killing than is being reported.

Plus, there is a new Benghazi scandal and, according to Klein, Hillary Clinton’s fingerprints are all over this one, too. He also ponders the connection between the passing of Obamacare and the sudden flood of illegals over the southern border (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas told Mark Levin that “what happened in Mississippi was appalling,” referring to the tactics used during last month’s Republican runoff election. Cruz is calling for an investigation into charges of voter fraud.

“Primaries are always rough and tumble,” Cruz admitted. “But the conduct of the Washington, D.C., machine in the Mississippi runoff was incredibly disappointing” (Free audio).

Later in the week, Levin revealed his three-point border security plan, which first and foremost calls for the deportation of illegal aliens, to discourage future would-be “refugees.”

He also pointed out that the U.S. routinely gives hundreds of millions of dollars in “aid” to the three Central American countries whose citizens are currently overwhelming the southern border states. This funding should be halted immediately, Levin argued, since apparently it has done nothing to improve living conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador (Free video).

Laura Ingraham

Ingraham criticized President Obama for initially refusing Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s request for a meeting.

“The president is going to Texas, he has time to do fundraisers, that’s fine, he’s raising money for midterms,” said Ingraham, “but Texas is ground zero now for this humanitarian crisis. He is the president of all the states, all 50 states, so he should, while he’s there, give the courtesy to the governor of Texas to actually engage with him on this issue.”

On Twitter, Ingraham revealed her “solution” to the humanitarian crisis. Since United Nations officials want the Central American immigrants classified as refugees and therefore deserving of special treatment, Ingraham tweeted: “The UN Plaza on the East River wd be PERFECT for refugee housing.”

Glenn Beck

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck is attracting considerable criticism for his response to the influx: He will be organizing a drive to bring toys and hot meals to those detained along the border.

“I’ve never taken a position more deadly to my career than this,” Beck acknowledged, “and I have never, ever taken a position that is more right than this” (Free audio).

Looking down the road, Beck predicted that if Hillary Clinton gets the 2016 Democratic nomination, “Hillary Clinton is going to pay the price of this administration – not by the American people – but by the press.”

He continued, “I don’t think they have alarm bells going off, but they … don’t like the way they’ve been treated sometimes. And I think they’re going to take that out on Hillary Clinton” (Free video).

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