The date is the commemoration of the 4th of July – the date the Declaration of Independence was officially signed.

So what does it mean to the average American?

Much as I hate to admit it, I don’t believe it means that much.

Perhaps it’s a reflection that I live I in San Francisco, and as a result, that concept of patriotism of doesn’t make much of a dent in the mentality of Americans in this area.

The whole idea of freedom is so vague here that most people believe we have it, and that we don’t have to do anything to keep it.

The real issue is that the average liberal doesn’t have any idea of what freedom means and what the loss of it would mean to their lives.

The world is in a turmoil none of us anticipated. The wars were over, we were told, and whatever came after would be dealt with in comfortable conversation.

Aside from the chaos of the Middle East and what the impact will be on the rest of the free world, there will be an impact that most freedom lovers will be shocked to discover.

The United States is facing an invasion by thousands of illegal aliens storming the borders of this country and, despite the presence of Border Patrol agents, the illegals are winning.

Their policy is to push forward, make their demands and see what the other side will do.

In fact, the issue is: What will be done about it at all?

Judging at this point in time, virtually nothing is being done. The country is being invaded in a manner that’s planned and executed with skill.

We’re reacting as though it’s just an event that’s happening – that it’s nothing to be concerned about and it’s not a planned invasion of our country.

Clearly it’s a situation that Americans must not allow to progress any further.

Clearly, this situation is not an accident, not happenstance. It’s clearly something taking place intentionally and a situation that has as its ultimate intent the destruction of this country.

Yeah, that sounds dismal but it is, indeed, the truth.

If we don’t recognize the ultimate goal of the enemy, the result will be that we might do nothing about it at all – until it’s too late.

Imagine what would happen if we don’t do anything about it.

What will that mean to the movement of thousands of illegals into this country with the ultimate goal to get the benefits and none of the legal problems that should face people breaking our law?

What happens to those who continue to believe that “all people are good at heart” and to consider illegal aliens as those who should not be allowed across our borders is akin to a sin?

Heaven knows, they’re out there – among us.

I cannot fathom the mentality of those who think this way, yet I know they’re there. They believe illegals are entitled to have all the benefits and perks of citizens even if they choose to not follow the law and the rules of gaining legal U.S. citizenship and know and follow the rules to become citizens.

I recently spent some time with and talking to my contacts in border law enforcement as well as Border Patrol members, and the similarity of their views is shocking.

Does our national government believe that the border needs to be secured?

Does our federal government support and protect the work of the Border Patrol to do its job to protect the border and the country?

Do many, if not most of the Border Patrol members, believe the feds will support them over illegals on issues concerning how they do their jobs?

Do many, if not most, of our sheriff/border enforcement officials believe they are supported by the feds as they do their job of protecting their borders and their states from the invasion of illegals?


What does this mean?

I’ve found that many law enforcement officials at the borders of this country do not believe the federal government is really on their side.

If that really is the case, what does it mean? Are they just walking through the motions of law enforcement? Or, are the illegals given free reign with their time and space and entrée to this country and presented the largesse of the American people for free everything, from school to medical to housing to everything else.

Think about it, please.

Are you willing to give up everything this country stands for – in fact, everything we have – to accommodate this invasion? It is just that: millions of poor, poorly educated foreigners who choose to demand the rights of American citizenship when they have no legal or moral right to do so.

It doesn’t matter what the religious of many denominations say. Just because illegal aliens are poor and want what we Americans have, we don’t have to accommodate them.

We’ve paid for our freedoms with the blood and sacrifice of our young; we honor their sacrifices by securing our borders.

Anything else is betrayal.

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