Molotov Mitchell

Molotov Mitchell

One of WND’s edgiest voices is challenging a liberal stronghold in North Carolina by running for state senator on a platform of personal freedom for everyone – liberal, conservative or otherwise.

“I am the GOP cruise missile, and I intend to crush the Obama clone in Raleigh,” says Molotov Mitchell, who appears in WND each week with his “For the Record” video column.

Mitchell is taking on Democrat State Senate Minority Whip Josh Stein in November. Stein is a staunch liberal, whose record includes votes against several pro-life bills during the last legislative session and strong support for same-sex marriage, having received an award from the Equality NC Foundation for his advocacy on the issue.

“Stein has long been considered one of the state’s strongest allies for LGBT equality,” the foundation said in a press release. “The progressive Democrat actively worked to include sexual orientation and gender identity in K-12 anti-bullying legislation.”

The district leans solidly Democrat after it was specifically redistricted to be a safely Democrat seat. It is so solidly Democrat, that in the last election, Stein ran unopposed.

Mitchell told WND that while he knows it will be a difficult battle to win, he nevertheless believes he has a strong shot at taking down this Democrat Goliath and conquering a liberal stronghold in the state.

Mitchell explained to WND he believes the tide is turning back to conservatism in the state, noting that in 2010 a Republican revolution took control of both chambers of the legislature as well as the governorship and lieutenant governorship. Since that time the Republicans have used conservative principles to turn things around in the state.

“In just three brief years we have taken our state from the 44th most toxic tax environment to No. 17 in no time at all,” Mitchell said. “We have also balanced the budget and are currently trying to get legislation through offering the highest teacher pay in the history of North Carolina and have expanded gun rights to include all public locations. The Carolina comeback is real.”

Despite efforts of some to portray him as a fringe radical, Mitchell has actually earned some impressive local endorsements. Among them are State Senators Thom Goolsby and Neal Hunt, Rep. Jim Fulghum and the Wake County Republican Party.

Mitchell told WND, however, he has no intention of relying on strictly Republican votes but intends to aggressively target Democrat voters by running on a platform that transcends party lines. His views on several issues are on his website

“I intend to fight for privacy, business and personal freedom,” Mitchell declares.

“In District 16 the NSA has set up facilities on the NCSU campus right in my back yard,” Mitchell explained. “Normally that would be handled at the federal level, but when they are in my district, it is my job to protect the privacy rights of my constituents and protect their constitutional rights. I intend to do everything in my power to get the NSA out of District 16.”

The issue has the potential to be a winner, as the NSA spying issue has received the ire of both those on the left as well as on the right and particularly resonates with younger voters. Recently Sen. Rand Paul received applause from students in the bastion of liberalism, the University of California, Berkeley for going after the NSA.

According to Mitchell, there are already signs his appeal to principles of liberty are working.

“That’s where I really resonate, especially on the issue of privacy,” Mitchell told WND. “We have had a lot of people from the left come out and tell us that while they can’t admit it publicly they are going to vote for Molotov Mitchell.”

Mitchell says he also wants to continue to help North Carolina rebound economically by reducing taxes and regulations.

“Being a businessman myself,” Mitchell told WND, “I intend to work with Republicans, who are in a supermajority, to continue the Carolina comeback to reduce taxes and all of these burdensome regulations on businesses to allow the economy to grow and bring work to North Carolina.”

And while his opponent, State Sen. Stein, advocates expanding Obamacare through the state’s Medicaid program, Mitchell says he wants to keep Obamacare out of North Carolina.

Mitchell also maintains a focus on national and personal security. His resume includes work as a firearms instructor who also operates combat training centers around the state and teaches police and military. He recently came back from Moldova, where he held classes in counter-abduction in order to fight human trafficking. From his experience he said he believes terrorists’ next big target is soft targets such as schools.

“We have seen what happened with the terrorist attack at Beslan in 2004, which a lot of experts believe was intended as a test run where they besieged a school in Russia and held people hostage for days while they tortured and raped them before killing everyone with fire,” Mitchell related. “I can’t do anything in other states, but I want to make sure that doesn’t happen in North Carolina.”

He believes it is vital to allow responsible citizens to be able to carry firearms onto school property and that gun-rights supporters who oppose it are simply looking out for themselves at the expense of children.

“In my opinion, allowing firearms in most places while banning them in educational facilities is essentially a contract with killers,” Mitchell explained. “We have essentially told the bad guys we’ll make you a deal: If you leave us alone and let us carry our firearms in our businesses, our homes and on the streets, we’ll let you have our kids. Leave us alone and you can shoot up the school if you want – and that’s exactly what the bad guys have done.”

Mitchell explained his role model for the type of Republican he wants to be is former Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, who Mitchell considers to be his mentor.

“I have learned a lot from Dr. Paul, and he has refined a lot of my beliefs,” Mitchell told WND. “As a Christian one of the foundational tenets is free will. Part of that is the right to be free to fail.

“I am a big proponent of leaving people alone,” he continued. “I used to want to see people’s lives regulated more to the ‘right,’ but now I believe people, especially at the local level, have the right to decide what is best for them and their culture.”

“While I believe the Christian way is always best, I also believe if you have the people and you have the votes to disagree with that, then that’s OK with me,” Mitchell said. “Your community can try whatever you want to try. Up in Dearborn, Michigan, they are trying Islamic principles. While I expect it to go down in flames, I am now at the point where I support their right to do that as long as they don’t harm other people.”

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