I think it was the Peter Principle that detailed the first of two “all-too human” scenarios inside of which we are now living. This is the tendency for individuals who are part of an organization be to promoted to their level of incompetence. It happens because the best performers (or those who are seen to be the best performers) are repeatedly promoted until they fail. Once failure occurs, they remain stuck at that level. This guarantees that everything within their grasp will emerge FUBARed. The more FUBARed an organization – or nation – is, the faster its customer service, competitiveness and performance declines.

The second and lesser-known human tendency is to discuss, dissect and delay the least important elements of a program that have given rise to a bad situation. I think the example given in Parkinson’s Law was the board of directors for a public utility who met to approve a nuclear power plant. Following the contractor’s dog and pony show, his multi-million (now billion) dollar budget was approved without debate. The remainder of the meeting was devoted to discussions about cost overruns on a staff bicycle shed.

The reason? The vagaries of nuclear power are beyond most of our grasps. But everyone knows something about bicycles and sheds. Thus the discussion surrounding them is endless and rarely persuades anyone to change his viewpoint.

What was not mentioned by Peter or Parkinson – because it was not a significant factor at the time the books were written – was the effect of widespread corruption once one of these principles is introduced into this system.

This corruption exists at two levels. The most obvious is cash (or its equivalent currency, favors) passed around for political and corporate gain. A less obvious form of corruption takes place among customers, and in the case of elections, voters and promoters.

Media mea culpas are beginning to emerge from those who are “sorry” they promoted Barack Obama for president and voted for him.

Most of these mea culpers – and there will be more as summertime wears on – are liars. They remain servants of an ideology that never has in the past and never will in the future work anywhere on this earth. But Obama was a convenient pawn with which to pimp their program. So pimp they did. Only now, when they see the pain and suffering caused to growing numbers of ordinary people by their failed leader, do they “apologize.”

They are not apologizing.

They thought Obama could deliver the goods by strong-arming their collectivist agenda on an unsuspecting America. Their corruption was at the ideological level – their “faith,” if you will. They and those who voted for Obama promoted a glib talker to the highest level of incompetency available in America. They are already whoring after the next prophetess as she struts her stuff among aisles filled with books but devoid of readers, her publishing advance safely tucked away in her purse.

America, meanwhile, has lost its economic prowess, respect for its military and diplomatic efforts overseas, the rule of law and separation of powers at home. In its place has arisen a growing national police state targeting citizens with wartime surveillance and technology, outfitting local police departments with military hardware, and using the tax and environmental bureaucracies to intimidate disagreement and break resistance.

Corruption feeds upon itself. The process continues until the host collapses, no longer able to sustain life, and parasites dispose of the corpse.

Goodbye, America. Your new king waits in the wings. Him you will serve.

Prophecy is falling into place all around us. Do you have “eyes to see”? Would you like them? Read “Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance,” by Craige McMillan.

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