(CNBC) — One of the coolest small towns in the USA may now be home to one of the most trolled businesses on the Internet, and the owner is apologizing.

A day after the New York Post publicized the Union Street Guest House’s posted policy to charge guests $500 for bad online reviews, the Internet piled on the Hudson Valley hotelier’s Facebook page as well as Yelp, which has removed more than 3,000 posts it deemed inappropriate.

“Quite frankly, I’m embarrassed. This indeed was a policy of the Union Street Guest House,” Chris Wagoner, the owner of the Union Street Guest House said in a statement issued late Tuesday afternoon. “It was originally intended as a joke and never something I told employees to enforce. However, since it was listed on our website it did represent an official policy. I now realize this joke was made in poor taste and not at all funny. This is no longer a policy of Union Street Guest House and we have taken it off of our website.”

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