Gina Marie Watring

Gina Marie Watring, 40: Teacher’s assistant at Creekside Elementary in Durham, N.C., was arrested April 29, 2009, and charged with having sexual intercourse with a 10-year-old male student on at least two occasions. According to search warrants in the case, school administrators first became suspicious of Watring – who taught drama and dance at the school – after intercepting a note written by the boy. “Gina, I love you so much babe. I’m so lucky to have you. I’m glad you feel the same way. I want to be with you forever. Iā€™d never do anything to hurt u,” it read. School officials said they found a cell phone in the child’s possession, and text messages between him and Watring. During questioning by detectives, the boy told them that he was in love with Watring and that they had had sex on two separate occasions in her home. Steve Monks, attorney for Watring, said his client is married with children, and is active in Sunday school at church. He said Watring is innocent and that the case stems from “the infatuation of a 10-year-old boy.”

Gwen Cardozo

Gwen Cardozo, 33: Teacher at Wasson High School in Colorado Springs, Colo., accused of having sex with a 17-year-old male student. Police charged her with sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, and Cardozo resigned her position in March 2005. She pleaded guilty in July 2005 and received a deferred sentence, meaning no jail time if she remains trouble-free for four years.

Haven Kirkpatrick

Haven Kirkpatrick, 29: Fairfield (Ill.) Community High School gym teacher was arrested July 7, 2010, and charged with unlawful sexual contact with a female student between the ages of 13 and 17 “for the purpose of the sexual gratification of the defendant.” The alleged contacts took place, investigators said, as recently as July 2, and as early as May 18 of 2010. If convicted of the eight counts of aggravated sexual abuse, she faces between three and seven years in prison on each count.

Heather Lea Burroughs

Heather Lea Burroughs, 23: Substitute teacher at Pahokee Middle-Senior High in Pahokee, Fla., arrested Jan. 22, 2007, for allegedly performing a sex act on a student in an empty classroom during school hours. Palm Beach County district officials did not release the student’s name, age or gender, but arrest records indicate the student was between 12 and 18. If convicted of the first-degree felony of sexual assault, Burroughs could face up to 30 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Heather Ingram, 30: Mathematics, science and business teacher at Chatelech Secondary School in Sechelt, British Columbia, had sex with a 17-year-old student. The relationship cost Ingram her job and reportedly led to the breakup of her 12-year common-law marriage to a man four years her senior.

Heather Kennedy

Heather Kennedy, 25: Popular math teacher and track coach at Wantagh High School on Long Island, N.Y, was arrested March 27, 2008, and charged with statutory rape. She was accused of having sex with a 16-year-old male student in the parking lot of a neighboring high school. One shocked student said, “I’m really shocked. She’s an amazing teacher. She’s willing to do anything with the students.” On July 22, 2008, while awaiting sentencing after having pleaded guilty, Kennedy was charged with having another five sexual trysts with the boy. “Almost immediately after she walked out of court, she was having contact with the victim by phone and in person,” Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said.

Heather Thorsby

Heather Thorsby, 34: Art teacher at Independence High School in Franklin, Tenn., indicted in November 2007 on seven counts, including three charges of statutory rape. Thorsby is accused of inappropriate behavior with a 17-year-old female student. The relationship reportedly began as a friendship, but turned sexual, with alleged contact at school and home. Thorsby was sentenced to three years in prison on July 28, 2008.

Heather Lynne Zeo

Heather Lynne Zeo, 37: The married math teacher from North Penn High School in Lansdale, Penn., was arrested May 21, 2009, for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student the previous month and leaving sexually explicit Internet and phone messages for another student earlier in the school year. Police report Zeo – a Christian singer who has released two CDs – admitted to the sexual relationship. The mother of three used Facebook to communicate with the boy about sexual acts the two were to perform on one another. As rumors of the relationship grew, Leo began meeting the boy for sex in her minivan at a Target store parking lot.

Hope Jacoby

Hope Jacoby, 23: The athletic trainer at Tustin High School in Orange County, Calif., was arrested Christmas Eve 2008 on suspicion of oral copulation of a minor and unlawful sex with a minor. Jacoby had worked with athletes at the school for the last year. “Even though the age gap may be fairly close, it’s still illegal and we will arrest,” a Sheriff’s Department spokesman said. On July 29, 2009, Jacoby was sentenced to three years of informal probation and 240 hours of community service for her crime.

Hope Johns

Hope Johns, 31:
English teacher at Saltillo High School in Lee County, Miss., was arrested Oct. 13. 2009, for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her 16-year-old male student. Sheriff Jim Johnson said Johns tutored the boy at her home, which is where the incidents allegedly occurred. None are said to have taken place on campus. Johns was suspended from the classroom a week berfore her arrest because she had sent an improper text message to the student. She was charged with one count of sexual battery, with further charges pending.

Jacquelyn Faith Garrison, 19: Substitute teacher at South Central High School in Winterville, N.C., was indicted in January 2006 on charges she was having an improper relationship with a 15-year-old student. The case involves some 50 phone calls and text messages exchanged between Garrison and the boy, who reportedly became uncomfortable when things of a sexual nature came up.

Jamie Armstrong

Jamie Armstrong, 25: Science teacher at Tara High School in East Baton Rouge, La., was arrested in April 2007 for allegedly having sexual relations with a 16-year-old female student, including one occasion at the school. The girl was not in Armstrong’s class, but was tutored by her several times per week. According to a probable cause affidavit, the girl she told deputies she visited Armstrong at her residence on several occasions and had consensual sex with her at least three times, even spending the entire night with the instructor.

Jamie Waite

Jamie Waite, 34:
Volunteer swimming coach for the Ogden School District in Utah was taken into custody in March 2011 for allegedly having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male member of the high-school swim team. Waite and the victim had reportedly known each other since his sophomore year. An inappropriate relationship allegedly began in November 2010, and the sex acts allegedly occurred at Waite’s home. She was booked into the Weber County Jail for investigation of four first-degree felonies, including two counts of rape of a minor and two counts of sodomy of a minor.

Janelle Batkins

Janelle Batkins, 42: French teacher at Roseville High School in Roseville, Mich., was arrested in September 2007 and charged with two counts of third degree criminal sexual conduct for a relationship with a 17-year-old student that had begun the previous December and lasted until June. The former “teacher of the year” resigned her position.

Janelle Bird

Janelle Marie Bird, 24: Accused of having a two-year affair with a 15-year-old student from East Hill Christian School, in Pensacola, Fla. Declaring her love for the boy, she was charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery and two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Though Bird could have received 30 years upon conviction, she was sentenced in 2006 to two years in state prison.

Janet Hughes

Janet Hughes, 32: Viera, Fla., teacher at Jackson Middle School in Titusville, Fla., arrested April 23, 2007, after detectives found her in the company of a 16-year-old male student inside a van in a church parking lot. According to the arrest affidavit, Hughes, who is a wife and mother, admitted to engaging in sexual activity with the boy on at least one occasion.

Janet Parker

Janet Parker, 26: This East Texas teacher might have gotten way with her alleged sexual relationship with a male student if the teen hadn’t had a screensaver on his cell phone that featured a tobacco product. The woman had been investigated by authorities in late 2006 when suspicions were aroused, but nothing could be proved. The tobacco screensaver resulted in the phone being confiscated at school in May 2007 and other “inappropriate” images of Parker were discovered. A warrant revealed similar images on her own computer and she is now facing nearly two dozen charges.

Jaymee Wallace

Jaymee Wallace, 28: Basketball coach in Tampa, Fla., charged with having an 18-month lesbian relationship with a student. Authorities say the student, who was 15 when she met Wallace, voluntarily had sex with the coach more than 50 times, in a parking lot at Busch Gardens and often at Wallace’s own apartment while a fellow classmate was in an adjacent room. According to the police report, the sexual relationship reportedly began in early 2003, after the student received a note from Wallace saying she “found her attractive and wanted to know if she felt the same way.” On Dec. 5, 2007, Wallace was sentenced to three years of prison, followed by three years of sex offender probation. In late October 2009, the former student filed suit against the school district for failing to protect her, alleging the school didn’t properly investigate the teacher before her hiring and didn’t immediately tell the girl’s parents when it discovered the relationship. The lawsuit says the girl suffered “embarrassment, mental anguish and physical illness.”

Jennifer Cisco

Jennifer Cisco, 30: School nurse at Green Forest High School in Green Forest, Ark., arrested on Nov. 14, 2007, for a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student and providing two 17-year-old male students with beer. The school recently received a grant for $10,000 to start a school-based health clinic study. Cisco applied for the grant and the school was rather excited about getting the program off the ground.

Jennifer Dempsey

Jennifer Dempsey, 28: Spanish teacher at Oswego County High School, Syracuse, N.Y., was arrested March 25, 2008, for having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old male student. Dempsey had been suspended from teaching two months before after a parent complained of inappropriate electronic messages sent to “three of four” of her children.

Jennifer Dorland

Jennifer Dorland, 42: Grade 7 and 8 teacher at Rothwell-Osnabruck School, Ingleside, Ontario, was found guilty on Dec. 20, 2007, of sexual assault, invitation to sexual touching and sexual interference with a 13-year-old boy in September 2004. She admitted she had sent inappropriate e-mails to the former student, but denied she had engaged in a sexual relationship with the young male. “It was absolutely a terrible, horrible idea. I have been paying for that e-mail and conversation for two years,” she said.

Jennifer Espinosa

Jennifer Espinosa, 38: The Maine East High School teacher in Skokie, Ill., was arrested May 26, 2009, and accused of having sex with a 16-year-old former student and member of the Sureno 13 gang. According to police, Espinosa, who is married with two children, told them she “loved” the boy and that they have had sex numerous times, in her Park Ridge home and in her car at various locations around the high school. Police picked up the teacher, the boy and another male gang member, 22, when they smelled marijuana coming from her car.

Jennifer Mally

Jennifer Mally, 26: English teacher and cheerleading coach at Paradise Valley High School in Phoenix, Ariz., arrested in May 2007 and charged with 29 counts of sexual conduct with a minor. Police said the parents of the victim ā€“ a 16-year-old male student ā€“ contacted the school about a possible sexual relationship between their son and Mally that may have been going on since October 2006.

Jennifer Rice

Jennifer Rice, 31: Tacoma, Wash., teacher arrested Aug. 11, 2007, for allegedly kidnapping and raping her 10-year-old student numerous times. Rice was an instructor at McKinley Elementary School whose contract was not renewed after the school received complaints she was socializing inappropriately with students. Authorities say Rice admitted she raped the fourth-grade boy at a rest stop, and court documents indicate the pair had intercourse several times on previous occasions, including once in the boy’s home. On Sept. 10, 2007, prosecutors filed additional charges against Rice for allegedly raping another boy, age 14- to 16-years old.

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