If the commander of ISIS, known by his supporters as Caliph Ibrahim, instructs returning foreign jihadists to carry out attacks within the U.S. then those returning fighters would be obliged to obey, declared a British extremist cleric today.

Anjem Choudary, founder of the outlawed Al Muhajiroun British pro-terrorist organization, made the statements during a recorded interview to air Sunday night on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s AM 970 The Answer.

In the recording, obtained by WND, Choudary was asked, “What if Caliph Ibrahim [of ISIS] asked returning jihadists, the foreign fighters who have been fighting in ISIS, some from the U.K., some from the U.S., what if he asked them to carry out attacks within the United States. Would they have to obey?”

Replied Choudary: “Obviously it’s a hypothetical question. But if he were to ask people to carry out operations, yes, he would be obliged for them to obey him.”

Choudary was referring to senior ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has been named the caliph – or theocratic absolute monarch – of the self-proclaimed Islamic State in parts of Iraq and Syria.

It was reported over 400 British citizens and a handful of Americans were fighting overseas as members of ISIS.

Choudary confirmed his former students and followers handed out pro-ISIS leaflets in London’s West End calling for British citizens to join the Caliphate in Iraq and pledge allegiance to the ‘khaleef,’ aka Baghdadi.

Following reports it was a British citizen who beheaded American journalist James Foley last week, Klein asked Choudary whether he feels personally responsible for encouraging British citizens to join the jihad in Iraq and Syria.

“Not really,” Choudary replied. “I mean if people want to live under the Sharia then obviously that is their choice. I propagate and believe that it is better to live under the Sharia and obviously we have been working to establish the khaleefa, you know, for decades and if someone wants to go live there that is their own personal choice. ”

“I believe that I can fulfil my responsibility wherever I am in the world,” he added.

Choudary argued ISIS is fueled by “the presence of American forces in Muslim countries,” which causes “instability in the Muslim world” and “insecurity for American citizens both in the Muslim world and back home.”

It is estimated that one in five terrorists convicted in Britain over the past decade were either members of or linked to Choudary’s al-Muhajiroun.

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