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Belgian doctor denies help to Jewish woman, 90

(Russia Today) A doctor in Belgium has refused medical help to a 90-year-old Jewish woman with a fractured rib, saying that she needs to be sent to Gaza to “get rid of” the sharp pain she is suffering.

“I’m not coming,” the physician said and hung up after receiving the call at 11pm Wednesday.

Bertha Klein, 90, had a fractured rib and was suffering from “agonizing pain.” She had her son, an American citizen, call the doctor via Flanders medical hotline and ask for help on her behalf.

“Send her to Gaza for a few hours, then she will get rid of the pain,” the doctor told the man, as he called back for clarifications, according to local Joods Actueel newspaper. The paper said that the doctor knew right away that it was a Jewish patient’s name, and he heard an accent, which might have predetermined his reaction.